Monday, November 30, 2009

First Post!

Welcome to our brand new blog! I've never thought myself to be one to set up a blog, mostly because my life is not terribly interesting, and no one wants to read my social commentary on immigration. But add a baby into the mix? Well, now we're talking.

Amber and I will be using this space to keep friends, family, etc. posted on our adventures in parenthood. For those we don't see often, we hope this blog gives you an opportunity to get to know our little girl. I'm sure there will be a few funny stories (and pictures) for us to share.

As it stands right now, our due date is December 2nd. Our doctor has scheduled Amber to be induced on December 11th. He doesn't believe she will go that late, and Amber is at that "get this baby out of me" stage, so we're hoping she arrives on time. The house is ready, the car seats installed, and her "coming home from the hospital" outfit is all picked out. All we need now is the baby!