Saturday, April 30, 2011

37 weeks and ANXIOUS!!!!

Nora loves POKING my belly button...not a very good picture of her but this is as close as we could get w/ her & my belly ---the joys of an active toddler!

a brick.....HOUSE!

So I am 37 weeks pregnant and 2 weeks ago at dr. appt was a 3cm, then last week I was 4 cm...yep this week a 5 cm! When is this baby boy going to come and show his face? I just want to meet him! I have all this anxiety about delivery and not getting to the hospital on time (matt works 45 minutes away) I have a plan B, plan C, and a plan D if he can't make it here to bring me. Doctor says it can't be much longer....but I feel like I am walking on pins and needles and afraid to go to the store---what do you do if your water breaks in Target or the Rainbow? Clean it up and then pay for your cart? Just walk out? Tell someone to clean it up? ugh....this is why I am stressing out! My sister & mom came and had dinner with us Friday and they helped put together the room. The crib is up, some clothes have been washed, all we need is a baby now! Please pray that everything goes well/smoothly and THAT WE MAKE IT TO THE HOSPITAL!!! Nora came so quickly for being our 1st baby so maybe I am working myself up too much!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


All this for ME?

A chocolate bunny and cars....I love this Easter Bunny guy!

In my pretty Easter dress

Easter Church made me SLEEPY!

Easter Egg hunt....How did the Easter Bunny know I liked Cheerios and Fruit Snacks?

Love this photo----Katie and Nora

Grandpa and Nora

Nora showing off in the shadows on the steps

Drooly McGee

We were with the Forslunds for Easter this year. We went to church at the Chanhassen High School which was through Westwood. (Matt will want me to write that Kim Kardashian was at the ACTUAL Westwood building as she is dating Kris Humphreys whose parents go to Westwood)....anyway back to the REAL reason of Easter!!! Church was great, I love Easter time and just reflecting on everything that we are blessed with and given to unconditionally! It is a very reflective time in my year.

Nora was visited by the Easter bunny not only at home but at Grandma and Grandpa's house...lucky girl! There also was an egg hunt

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Chuck E. Cheese

Nora playing some game with balls and frogs

The birthday girl!!!!

Not digging Barney!

Chuck E. Cheese is ok, I guess!!

Cousin Nate is scary...!!

Emma had her birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese and Nora was invited!!! How exciting! Nora really didn't know what to think of it all. Holy Tokens, Tickets and KIDS Galore! I don't ever remember being at a Chuck E. Cheese and it was VERY overwhelming to say the least. Nora ate the pizza like a champ (we weren't worried) and then was ALL tuckered out and fell asleep in the car driving out of the parking lot.

Happy Birthday Emma!!!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Our Saturdays consist of me trying to sleep in and Matt getting up with Nora in the morning. They read (she rips) the paper and then normally she runs around w/ just her diaper on for awhile. Nora loves carrying around her 'Wallycat' and 'Wocket' and when Matt is home she wrestles with all of them together. Matt has Wallycat chase her and then Wocket comes and gets Matt. It is fun to watch and she giggles and tries to get away. She enjoys that time with her daddy.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Cooking in the Kitchen....

What do you need me to stir mommy?

Let's hope there are no eggs in here! want to eat some of this food?

I had a craving for this oat trail mix, special k bars and cheesy what does a crazy pregnant lady do? She makes them all!!! Nora was quite the helper and loved playing with the egg carton. I had to bribe her with chocolate chips to not want to go upstairs or downstairs until we were done. She did a great job!

Monday, April 4, 2011

16 Months Old

Nora loves being outside. Loves giving hugs/kisses when she wants to and loves puppies (or anything furry!) She is an expert on climbing up and down steps, although she wants to do it the big girl way (holding mommy/daddy's hands). She is also an expert on TEMPER TANTRUMS. We had to leave Home Depot due to her not settling down after I said she shouldn't run the cart into the aisles. She also throws the TT when we have to go inside after being outside.

She says:
yep....that is IT! everything else is duhda...and she speaks like we are really knowing what she is saying!

She has TONS of hair and I feel like I need to cut it ALL the time. She does NOT like me putting pigtails in her hair. She loves eating. She loves moving the tupperware from the cabinet to the living room. She LOVES her daddy so it is extra sweet when she loves on me! She is very balanced and RUNS everywhere. She still loves her lovey(bear w/ blanket) and her nuk. I have decided to let her have these until after baby comes because I don't want her to think that we took her nuk away because of new baby!! She loves ripping paper. Did I mention she loves EATING, especially fruit and veggies.

She is getting over her timidness and will definitely test boundaries. We have had to start putting her in timeout (when she throws the temper tantrums--she HITS)! She will walk away from you and just she is getting more independent. BUT she gets frustrated when things don't work out right away and then doesn't keep TRYING!!!! It will be interesting to see if that trait sticks with her (because that is SO not me....try, try and then try again!)

She makes mommy & daddy very proud!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

First Trip to the Zoo

Nora and Emma

Ben and Emma

I had a volleyball tournament today so Matt and his cousin Ben and their girls (Nora & Emma) went to the Minnesota Zoo. I guess Nora called everything a 'puppa' (puppy). She also liked looking at the fish in the huge aquarium. It was a fun daddy/daughter day for both Matt and Ben.

Friday, April 1, 2011


She will love this photo when she is older!!!!

Nora loves these rain boots we got from a neighbor. She tries to get them on and gets frustrated if she can't do it. Here's a REAL CLASSY photo of her after she got the boots on.