Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Visitor

Auntie Jenny and Drooly Nora

What are you doing Aunt Jenny??

Today and tomorrow my sister is in town for work. She has an important job being in charge of the photography for the Schwan Food Company catalog.....I am a bit jealous when I hear of all the cool things she gets to do! She had an ice cream photo shoot today downtown and then came to visit us even though the roads weren't the best to travel on! We had a lot of fun. Nora played and talked and even let Aunt Jenny hold her. She brought me all her maternity clothes so now I have bins and bins of clothes thanks to my neighbor Jessica and sister Jenn.

I made nachos for dinner (yes according to my mother nachos CAN be a meal and NOT just an appetizer) and she headed back downtown to her hotel. It was so fun catching up and getting to see her again! I am sure her kids/hubby miss her when she is working in Minneapolis, but secretly I love getting to see her more often!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday, Sunday

I love Sundays! I really enjoy going to church, relaxing at home or running errands. This Sunday after Church, we decided to go to the Cheesecake Factory (ok I DECIDED hat baby boy Forslund needed some Spicy Chicken Chipolte Pasta). I was totally impressed with them today. We brought Nora so before we even sat down the hostess asked if she would like something to eat? Sure I said. They brought a plate of cut up bananas and whole wheat bread for her. It was very nice to keep her entertained with some food while we waited for our own food. And I am not a horrible mom, I did bring my own food for her but man it sure was nice to know that they took care of the WHOLE family!

Back in July 2009 while eating Spicy Chicken Chipolte Pasta, which is my favorite meal out at a restaurant, was the first time I felt Nora kick. So although it was my favorite before then, that moment solidifies why I love eating it so much! Baby boy Forslund has been kicking quite a bit but didn't seem to care much about the spicy chicken pasta that mama was feeding him.

We were then going to go to IKEA to look for stuff for the house. I have just wanted a few things to 'renew' the house, but both Nora and I needed naps so we came home and rested while Matt played video games.

Perfect Sunday spent with my family!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Horrible Posting.....Going to Get a Better...I Promise!

It has been 2 months since my last post....OOPS! Hopefully I can get better and find more time to blog a bit more frequently because I am sure you guys miss reading about our daily adventures!!!

Random Photos of Nora

Nora loves giving her moose a kiss, babies kisses, books kisses but not quite into giving mommy or daddy kisses yet. Here she was giving her 'Grandma Nora Bear' a kiss...of course I didn't catch it in the picture because our camera is too slow!!!
Now she is done giving kisses and wants to sit on the poor bear!

Nora LOVES the tupperware drawer....maybe it is because it is one of the few cupboards she doesn't get in trouble for going in

Nora loves getting her toys out of her toychest

Messy Messy Nora

hm....what IS she doing here?

Nora LOVES carrying around this Dots lunchbox I bought at Old Navy on clearance for 1 dollar!!
check out her hair....MULLET

Nora sleeping on a pillow, I went in to check on her and she was like this---she looks so grown up.

Nora and daddy hanging out


Nora getting so big, she loves to get up the stairs and then go to her room and get her 'lovey bear' and nuk out of her crib.

Nora walking

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Visit from Kirsten and Grandma Debbie

Nora and Kirsten

Nora and Grandma

Nora showing Grandma how to use a spoon!!!

Nora and Grandma Debbie

We were again lucky to have 'stuff' going on this week. We had 2 visitors this week.

My high school friend Kirsten came and spent Monday and Tuesday night with us. Nora was a bit wary of Kirsten at first but then warmed up to her. It was so fun to see Kirsten and hang out with her. We caught up and enjoyed our time together. Nora showed her all her toys and had a few temper tantrums.

Then Wednesday came and my mom came into town. Nora enjoyed spending time with Grandma Debbie since she doesn't get to see her very often. We ran a few errands, I needed some maternity jeans! Then Thursday morning Nora, Grandma and I were all up at 6am to drive Grandma to the airport so she could get to Vegas with her sisters/sister in law . wow, were we tired. Nora took a nap when we got home from our long drive.

We love having visitors and it was so fun to have a few in a short time.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Week of catching up: with friends

Katie and Adam and Nora

Nora hanging out with all her toys while daddy is at work!
She loves carrying around her pumpkin bucket.

Matt had sales training this week, which means he is training for work from 8-5 and then gets to go out to eat/drink from 5-10pm. Needless to say, I was a single mother for the week. I put a post on my facebook asking if anyone wanted to do dinner (hoping that this wouldn't be a status that WAS NOT commented on making me look very SAD and PATHETIC!) I was overwhelmed by people who wanted to hang out with ME!!!!! I feel like sometimes I want to be such a great wife, mother, housekeeper, worker that I forget to be a friend. This was a great week to remember to do this.
Monday: Ate at my neighbor, Kelly's house-she made amazing chicken pot pie.
Tuesday: Ate at other neighbors house, where Nora got to play with her boyfriend William
Wednesday: Night free with Nora and Mommy....we enjoyed girl time
Thursday: Night at Noodles & Co with Katie and Adam
Friday: Matt was home early so we ate PB&Js at home

It was a great week, although Nora missed daddy quite a bit!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

It's a........BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the news is official and we have had a few ultrasounds so I think it is safe to let the blogging world know: We are pregnant, we are having a boy, due date is May 21st which means we are about 22 weeks along. Baby boy Forslund looks good and healthy, according to the ultrasound tech. Matt says he could tell that the baby was a boy before the ultrasound tech told us...ha ha Matt!

We are very excited to turn into true FOURSLUNDS! I guess our blogname will need to change.

Nora LOVES babies, she loves to poke them, and pat their heads so she will be a great big sister!!

The kids will be about 17 1/2 months apart so it will be a crazy household but we are looking forward to the adventure!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Nora's HAIR!!!

Nora has ALOT of hair!! I feel like I could give her a haircut every other week. I am too scared to do this so I am waiting for my mom to come in a few weeks. Right now she has a mullet, Matt and I tried to capture the wonderfulness of this with some photos! I know, poor girl is going to hate us when she grows up! I try to put her hair in pig tails or ponytails everyday so that her hair isn't in her eyes!

Nora trying to put on daddy's viking crocs

Nora looking like 'Hulk'


Nora and her mullet....Matt put on a vest as well to make her look like McGruber!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

MOPS--Praying BIG!!

We had a MOPS meeting tonight and our speaker talked about praying big. It was a great awakening to looking to the future of our daughter, our goals, and our future together. I really came away from the meeting knowing that God can help in the smallest and BIGGEST ways, I needed that reminder.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Matt's New Job

Matt took a new position within the same company, Shavlik Technolgies. He is now managing all the international account business for the company. He got a major in International Business, so he is so excited to put that degree to use! His hours: 5am to 2pm. Awesome to have him home in the afternoons, but wow 5am is early. He has a 1 hour commute to work so that means leaving our house at 4am. We'll see how the transition goes, I am praying smoothly. I know he is very excited about the new position and the challenges that will come with it.

Maybe he will actually post about it

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years!

New Years. How the celebration has changed since we have a baby! We used to go to an annual New Years Bash, but now with a baby, it is more fun to stay home and turn in at 11!

This year we spent New Years Eve with our neighbors and their son William who is about 4 weeks younger than Nora. We had a wonderful steak dinner and played sequence (Jon and I won 3 times....I am NOT gloating though!)

New Years Day, we went to Williams' birthday party and just hung out trying to get Matt ready for his new job starting on Monday!

Williams Birthday Party....what a cute monkey!