Friday, November 30, 2012

Nora's First Movie

in the movie theater

Outside the Grand Theater in Madison, MN

Kate, Charlie, JT and a TIRED nora!
We went out to my parents house for the weekend and my brother called and said they were going to the movie!  My parents watched Jackson so Nora and I could go to the movie "Rise of the Guardian"   Nora did really well, she sat on my lap, she wiggled, she snuggled with her lovey, she ate her treats....she didn't even get scared when there were dark parts in the movie.  Kinda sad that we chose this to be her FIRST movie, but atleast she got to experience this with her cousins and aunt Courtney and uncle Brandon so that makes me smile!!  She also got to experience her first movie at my hometime movie theater which is where I am pretty sure I saw my first movie (although I can't remember what it was!!!)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Playing outside

It was a nice day outside and we got all dressed up to go outside and play in the little bit of snow we have.
Ernie even came outside to watch us play!

Jackson and Ernie!

hot cocoa to warm up after a long play outside!!

Jackson LOVES marshmallows in his hot cocoa. 

Ernie the Elf

Ernie (our ellf on the shelf) came today to 'watchover' the kids and help them make good choices!  He did some crazy things at our house!!

Desk-before and after

desk  - BEFORE---still cute but I had a vision
desk - AFTER, painted it a light aqua and painted the desktop with chalkboard paint!  the kids LOVE it!!!
desk - AFTER

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Because we wanted to have family time, we spent Thanksgiving day with just the 4 of us, which means I made EVERYTHING for our dinner---wow, lots of work!  We then went to the forslunds for dessert.  It was a great day spent with family!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

1st Dentist Appt for Nora

Nora and I went to the dentist today.  No cavities for either of us, she did pretty well considering that the dentist was a man......she's not too into any man except her daddy (which I guess is ok!)  She let the hygienist look at her teeth and count them but she DID NOT like the chair moving or the bright lights!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Putting up Christmas Decor

I love this photo!

how big is Jackson!

The stockings are hung......

our nativity set

unto us a child is born....

nora and jackson helping me put ornaments on the tree!

my babes!

I love this nativity set, Mary and Joseph are missing from the set on the left and I guess Nora thought Batman and Batgirl would fit the bill!!
Matt's KC chiefs ornament.
Since Matt is home and I have some help with kids, I decided to put up Christmas stuff.  Nora really enjoyed helping me, truthfully Nora loves helping me do ANYTHING!  I love having Christmas stuff up, why can't we have it up all year long?! 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gifts from Denmark from Daddy

I love this!!

Reading a book the first night back!

little mermaid shirt

soccer jersey!
Matt brought home really cool gifts for the kids, Nora got a mermaid shirt and Jackson got a sweet soccer jersey.  I got some chocolates---hm!!!  It is so nice having matt home and being able to have some help with the kids and have someone to talk to at night :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

First Time at Airport for the Kids

Daddy's HOME! 

Does Daddy need a cart

Daddy came home, delayed(by a few hours....ugh!!!, but he came home!  The kids loved hanging out at the airport, playing with the carts, running around the baggage claim, SEEING daddy!  I wish I could've been on the other side of their faces when I video taped them at the airport when they saw Matt walking down toward them. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tot Time

Nora slamming

Jackson slamming

Nora and Addie tumbling on mats

who knows what Nora's doing?
We love our community center.  They have great play areas for the kids.  I brought the kids here to play one afternoon and they had a blast.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Olafson Christmas

Our annual Olafson crew Christmas happened this weekend.  Jackson and Nora loved swimming.  They both were pretty clingy to me, I think they have in their mind that I might leave them (like daddy is gone).  My cousin Kelly played with them one night for me as I was having a breakdown and was so tired of them hanging and whining and only wanting me.  By the end of the weekend they finally wanted to play with everyone. 
kelly, nora and Jackson

my aunt nancy and nora

uncle kyle, jackson and landrey