Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whose Bathtime is it?

Nora LOVES helping give Jackson a bath.  She thinks that it is her bathtime as well, she tries to get into the tub while he is in it.  DO YOU SEE HOW SMALL THAT WHALE TUB IS?  Jackson just smiles at her and is like "sure come on in sister"  This is a spot where I do NOT want to fight with her.  YES, is it a pain to get them both clean in a small tub.  YES, does she splash ALL over the carpet and it needs to be soaked up.  YES, does her diaper get soaked when she sits down DRESSED in the tub.  YES, does she love it though.  When she first wanted to get in the tub with him, I wouldn't let her....then I realized, this is where memories are made.  Yes I have to do extra laundry and mop up the wet carpet-but it is worth it to see her giggling face and Jackson's adoring smile.  So I am sure there will be MORE family tub photos in the future!!

Book Group Photo

We got together as a book group over the summer to see the families.  Here are most of us.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Such a Smiley Boy

I have not met a baby that is as smiley as Jackson.  Jackson has 2 sides....he is either SUPER happy OR SUPER sad and crying.  You can't even stay mad at him for crying because his smiles are contagious.  He is so fun to be around when he is happy and smiling and talking to his sister and laughing.  Here are a few photos of his smiles....the camera does NOT even do a smidge of justice to his smile :)    

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cousin Erika watching the Kids

Erika said she would watch our kids while Matt and I finally used our 'LivingSocial' coupon for a couples massage, WELL on the way to drop the kids off, the massage place AVA's called and cancelled on us. TOTAL BUMMER. We had a babysitter lined up so we ran errands--so romantic huh?!

Erika, Nora and Jackson on their way to the park

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Happy Fathers Day to a great dad & husband!

We spent the day relaxing and doing whatever Matt wanted to do. We ate lunch at Applebees and then stopped by Matt's parents house to say happy fathers day to his dad. We went for a walk after dinner and then all hit the hay. Hopefully Matt was happy with his day!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


She really does love him! Sibling photo session to get some photos for photos for Father's Day.
How cute does she look in her little romper and him in his Twins gear!
Matt and I are so blessed beyond measure!!

This is what it is REALLY used for....

The potty is for sitting on. Normally without bottoms on, but we are making progress. She is sitting on the potty....had to give her a treat for the feat of sitting on the big girl chair!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bath Time-Crazy Hair

After a long day of playing, this is what Nora looks like in the bath!

Pure Summer Joy

Summer Time Joy

who doesn't love watermelon?
who doesn't love little girls who smell like outside at the end of the day?
who doesn't love playing outside?
who doesn't love PURE JOY in your child's face!
who doesn't love that smile....
who doesn't love those blue eyes....
who doesn't love those pigtails....
who doesn't love that sweet girl!

Love love love

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Thumb Sucker???

Nora is a complete pacifier girl. Jackson will take a nuk but I found him in his crib like this! Awww

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nora our Little Catholic Girl??

Nora is all about digging in EVERYTHING. I was cleaning out clothes, finding stuff to donate since I knew there would be clothes that I will not fit into anymore with having 2 kids!! Nora was going through Matt's bedstand and found the rosary I bought for him at Notre Dame in Paris. She was carrying it around and kissing it and wearing it as a necklace. We go to a non-denominational church so this could be a problem....just kidding. She always puts her hands together to pray before we eat, although she normally stops praying halfway through the prayer(how many Hail Mary's do you have to say for that?) We have also started watching veggie tales and reading her 1st Bible at bedtime. She is a sweet girl who we can only pray will follow Him.Here is Nora wearing Matt's rosary from Notre Dame as a necklace.

Nora and Daddy

Getting ready for bed. Nora and Daddy

Nora's 'lovely smile' and daddy

Monday, June 13, 2011

Jackson-Up Close & Personal

Some photos of Jackson. It is funny how they can have such different looks in each photo. He has such pretty coloring and 2-toned blue eyes. He is already smiling and starting to coo!

Vibrating Chair...not just for babies

Nora is loving all the 'baby toys'. She is fascinated with the vibrating bouncy seat and the play jungle gym that plays music and has lights.

Is it ok if I sit on Jackson's chair?

Nora's New Smile and it even looks like Jackson is giving a smirk

Sunday, June 12, 2011

1st Twins Game for Jackson

The fun family weekend continued today with a Twins game. Our seats were in the upper deck in the outfield and we were straight out from homeplate. We had the back 2 rows so all the kiddos could come and go and run on the concourse, which was nice. Jackson came to his first Twins game, Nora has NOT been to a game yet---Lucky Boy! He was such a great boy. I carried him in the Baby Bjorn and he slept most of the game. He ate and then slept some more.

I am sure at Target Field they have a family area or room that I could have fed him, but we brought a bottle and just asked the concessions for a hot cup of water to heat the bottle up. Thank You concessions for helping us out!

We won the game--Hooray! My aunt Connie and Randy were on the jumbo-tron and if they would've picked the right car to win our whole row would've gotten Target gift cards. They did not pick the right car, so the row BEHIND us won the gift cards. The row behind us was my whole family too, so it was a win-win situation.

The day was perfect for baseball and I am glad we were able to spend more time with my extended family.Mommy and Jackson

Daddy and Jackson....Both wearing their TWINS GEAR!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Visit from the Nordaunes

I was upstairs getting the bags packed for the picnic in South Minneapolis and I heard a knock on the door. I normally don't answer the door but thought I would check it out. It was our dear family friends, the Nordaunes. Bob and Marilyn were on their drive back home to Watson and decided to meet Jackson. What a fun surprise. Molly, their Irish Setter, even came and hung out, which made Nora's day! It was such a treat for them to stop by.

Olafson Reunion in June

My aunt Danita set up a fabulous weekend for everyone on my mom's side of the family to get together. Normally we have Christmas the 2nd weekend in November and that is sometimes the only time I see some of my extended family. It was great to see everyone in beautiful weather and play games and have a great potluck picnic at my cousin's house in South Minneapolis. Danita even set up a very competitive bean bag tournament (which I was horrible at!)

Jenn, Kyle and the kids came over before the potluck so here are Nora and Landrey playing with the PlaySkool kitchen. How cute are they? Landrey is 2.5 months older than Nora!

My cousins backyard...yes they rented a jumping castle!

Charlie riding one of the many scooter thingies

Lincoln and Reese in the castle

Lincoln and Kate

Nora...trying to get her footing!

Trying to be Wilma Flinstone?

Kate and Nora in the house. Nora giggled and giggled peeking through the windows!

Grandma Debbie and Jackson