Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas - Kellers

We celebrated Christmas with Matt's immediate family on Christmas morning and then with the extended Keller family that afternoon.  Lots more gifts and paper and fun.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve - Forslund Side

Forslund Side Christmas is always Christmas Eve.  We headed over the river and through the suburbs to Aunt Barb and Uncle Curt's house we go.  Matt's cousin Maddy was SO great with Nora.  They laughed and loved on each other all night.  Maddy kept getting Nora to laugh.  Aunt Barb got Nora a pillow pet which Nora LOVES.  It is so fun to see everyone. 

Silly faces...Elle, Nora and Maddy

Mommy look....a pillow pet

AJ got a ashtray for our white elephant esxchange....He's not even 18 and not legal to smoke--oh funny!

Christmas Eve - the 4 of us

Our first Christmas as a family of four.  Nora actually understood that if you unwrap gifts you get the present underneath--she LOVED THAT!  Jackson liked the lights and ornaments on the tree.  We ended up having to anchor our tiny 3 foot tree to the bookshelf because Jackson and Nora kept pulling on it and it kept falling over.  It is such a sad sad tree, but the other tree we have is HUGE so with baby toys, a toddler and Matt running around our main floor, we needed something SMALL so we just used the 3 foot tree.

The stockings were hung.....

Jackson 1st Christmas

Nora might be confused as to what holiday it is...she kept putting these halloween cat ears on poor J.

save me mom?!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ulstad Family Christmas

Ulstad Family Christmas was this weekend.  Saturday - Immediate Family and Sunday - Extended Family Christmas!  
My siblings Christmas:  Dinner consisted of our annual steaks from the local meat market-they are amazing!  Then it is tradition that the kids put on a program before presents can be opened so after dinner Brandon rehearsed a few things with the kids.  Then it was present was fun to watch all the kids get excited about their presents!  I got great presents...My mom bought me a pampered chef cooking stone - yeah!!  AND my brother made me a sweet Twins hat and got me some great coaching books!
Christmas Steaks in a bucket--real classy!!  They taste SO good!
Program by the kids...Jackson even joined in
Everyone singing a song-Nora not really following directions!
Lincoln and Brandon reading the Christmas Story, the Reason of the season!

Me love!

Matching Pajamas from Grandma and Papa

Extended Family Christmas was Sunday and the kids needed to have another program, we needed to eat again, more fun!
My cousin Ashley, Jackson and me (I am wearing the SWEET hat that my brother made me!)
Grandma Arlene, Char and Courtney

Nora and Great Grandma Arlene
New addition to the program- Tebowing!
Uncle Milty and Jackson!  Cute!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Jackson - 7 months Old

Jackson is now eating like a champ and when he eats, he is SO LOUD.  He makes yumming noises and coos and awws and gets excited to see foot.
He is either Happy Baby or Crazy Sad Baby!  There is no middle is very frustrating because he can be happy one minute and wailing the next and I have NO idea what is wrong.
Jackson is now crawling around-slowly!  Everything goes in his mouth so we have to watch what Nora plays with so she doesn't give him anything he can swallow.  He crawls now and tries to follow his sister around.