Thursday, March 24, 2011

Trip to the Farm to Help my Brother, See the Great Grandma and Celebrate a 1st Birthday!!!

Up walking already???

eating prunes...yummy!

My older brother, Brandon, had back surgery and his wife was out of town so I went to help!!! I walked in the door and he was standing up---what didn't you JUST have back surgery----I guess they want patients walking around to help loosen things up. It was fun being at my parents house and LAUGHING with my brother. I was supposed to go there to make him laugh, but he ended up making me laugh so hard I was crying the first night I was there.

My Grandma Nora moved from her assisted living in Fargo to Dawson's care center so we were able to see her as well.

We celebrated Laney's 1st birthday as well so it was a fun filled weekend.

My mom took home Charlie and Lincoln from the birthday party...Nora wanted to play 'army guys' with them. They did not want her knocking down their nice rows of guys!
Nora also hung out with Wally the cat (Matt's cat that we gave away to my parents to save our marriage!)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shelving in our Garage

Not quite shelving, I guess, but we did put plywood in our rafters so we have more storage space. GUESS who was the one who got to be IN the rafters and drilling the plywood down....ME (yes at 7 months pregnant). Matt has gotten handy with a shop vac as our basement had water damage and he got to clean it up and pull up carpet and ugh....SO NOT FUN!
We now have storage for all those things that were in the basement though so wow, we are smart thinkers!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finally Semi-Warm ENOUGH to be Outside

Are you sure about this mom?

This is Fun!!!

Too Far Nora....come back!

The snow is slowly melting and the temperatures are starting to creep up....and Nora is LOVING being outside. She throws a fit when we have to come inside, which is normally because I am freezing. We have no yard so Nora walks up and down the driveway and is now venturing into walking the alleyway (scary for me to see my little girl walking all by herself down the long road!!!)
While she was adventuring....I built this!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mama and Nora Cooking

Nora is LOVING being in the kitchen with me. She has a little step stool that she climbs up on and then loves to bang the spoons or play with her sippy cup dryer rack. I think she loves it because she gets to sneak food PLUS I give her 'tastes' of what I am making. She is really getting a personality and it is fun to hang out with her. I remember when I was young being in the kitchen with my mom and making banana bread (we always had a small loaf that we got to bake just for us!). I hope Nora can come away from our kitchen experiences with the joy and knowledge that I did from my mom/grandma!

Not quite sure what to think

You mean we get to lick the spoon??

She LOVES running around the kitchen with my mixing bowls...I am surprised she hasn't dropped one on her toe!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Matt's Work Party

Me and Kristi (an old coworker whose husband works for Shavlik)
Karaoke after dinner

Every year Matt's work hosts a 'midwinter blues' party. This year it was in South Minneapolis and there was great food and a comedian. We had a babysitter, Grandma and Grandpa Forslund, and on the drive home all Matt and I could say is that we wish we would've just stayed home and watched a movie in bed! Does that make us old? boring? Oh well, we had fun, just sometimes when you get that ONE night away from your baby you just want to go to bed early and SLEEP instead of staying up all night watching others drink (ok well Matt had a few, but I was not able to partake!!)

Overall, it was a great time to catch up with Matt's coworkers and see some new colleagues that he is working with. Shavlik knows how to throw a party....that is for sure!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

We took the plunge...

and got a NICE camera. How did we even have the patience for our other camera before? Wow, it is slow! I am afraid to use the new DSLR camera as I seem to be the one who wrecks all the other cameras. Stay posted for NEW & IMPROVED photos from the Forslunds!!
Here are just some random photos from the first week of trying it out!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Did I mention....

Nora can go UP & DOWN the stairs now. Finally

after trying and trying and trying

after crying and crying and crying (by both mama and Nora!)

Hooray for the big girl.

Now she thinks she is Miss Independent and goes downstairs and "waits" for mommy to come down after getting ready or goes upstairs to find her blanket and nuk! What a big girl

Friday, March 4, 2011

15 Months Old

am I cute????

playing the drums with my LeeAnn Chin's chopsticks.

Nora is now 15 months old. This means we had another check up and she got more shots!

Height: 30-1/2" 50%
Weight: 22 lbs 7.5 oz 45%
Head Circumference: 45.3cm 35%

We had her appointment and I said she had been a bit fussy lately and yes of course she had another ear infection. She screamed and cried when the doctor even got CLOSE to her ear. She has been on an antibiotic since December so it just seems crazy that she has another ear infection. Hopefully she will feel better soon.

She has FINALLY figured out how to go down the steps. Now she wants to go down the stairs all the time. It is amazing how independent she can be, when she wants to be.

Last month, I said she was turning into a mamas girl...well now she is a definite mama's girl. She is having a bit of separation anxiety when I leave the room, even when she is with Matt. She loves running to my legs and whining to come up. I am working with her to say 'up, please' but as of yet, she wants nothing to do with it. She would rather whine and cry to get her way. I am hoping soon she will want to talk and start using her words more so we all can understand each other. She has started using the sign language for 'more' and uses it for food. I don't think she quite understands what it means, but she laughs when she does it and gets more food! I keep telling Matt one day it is all going to 'click' for her and we will be amazed.

She is still cautious about most things. She LOVES puppies, especially Grandma and Grandpa Forslunds white puppy Polo! She loves fruit and ice cream. She loves reading books. She likes taking my hand and making me point or touch buttons for her. She is running around and is quite balanced when she walks. When she crawls you can tell she does it to be funny and get us to laugh or giggle at her. She loves jewelry--I have a bunch of plastic necklaces and some chunky bead necklaces and she loves to carry them around the house and put them around her neck and my neck. She also LOVES babies and 'worries' and tries to help them when they cry. We are hoping this is a great thing since baby boy will be here soon. She doesn't quite get that my belly is getting bigger and that kicking it or climbing over it does not feel good for mommy! She will be a great big sister--can't wait to see her with Baby Boy F.