Monday, July 30, 2012

Picnic at Papa and Nanas

Went over to the Forslunds for a picnic.  The kids got to see Adam and Kate and Nana and Papa & Polo and Boo (the bunny!) 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Van

Our new ride - 2012 Toyota Sienna!!!!!

Our, well I should say MY, Ford Focus finally decided that it was time to go to car heaven.  Matt was driving home from work and 'smelling smoke'  Well the tire was melting--he made it to EP before he called a tow truck to bring his car home.  Now it just sits in front of our house.....trying to figure out if we will donate it or actually fix everything and try to sell it.  BUT because we thought it was time to upgrade to a bigger vehicle- WE BOUGHT A VAN!  I love it, it is the best thing ever.  Thanks to Mills Auto in Willmar for helping!  Thanks to my dad for coming and picking me (& the kids) up in his pickup and then driving us to Willmar to get the van-Nora thought it was cool to be in Papa Lees truck!
We spent the night at the farm after getting the van since it was better to drive 1 hour with screaming kids to the farm than 2 hours back to Chaska.  Jackson and Nora then got to play with Lucy and the kitties!

Nora Painting

Nora has been painting while Jackson takes his morning nap.  She loves getting the paint all over her fingers and  her nose and sometimes the paper.  She is getting to be such a BIG girl! 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A walk with the Neighbor Boy

We go on daily walks.  I should say we go on numerous daily walks!  The kids and I go on one walk just the 3 of us, then we might go on a 2nd walk after lunch, then we go for another walk with our neighbors and their 2 kids.  Nora and William are only 3 weeks apart in age so they have so much fun together!  They also are getting more independent so they want to walk or push each other in the wagon or stroller---needless to say, our walks take WAY longer!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More popsicle pictures!

 My Kids love popsicles.  We have made homemade dreamsicle, homemade fudge pops, smoothie pops, pina colada popsicles!!  I love making them and trying to explain to them that we NEED to  W A I T to eat them because they need to freeze.  We have ruined many an outfit this summer eating and drooling popsicles over their clothes. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

AJ & ELLE's Grad Party

kate and nora

a recent family photo

uncle adam and jack

matts cousin ben and his daughter lola, matt & nora

AJ & Elle graduate from high school and had their grad party!  Fun day eating more ice cream and hanging out with family. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Library Visit - Nora's CHAPTER book!

Nora is in, she just checked out a book from the library that has CHAPTERS.  She is loving Disney Princesses (she calls them "Barbies") and the only books they had at the Chanhassen Library about Ariel and Sleeping Beauty and Snow White were juvenile books that had only 2 pictures.  Above she is 'reading' the book on the way home.  She loves it and sleeps with it!!

Jackson's Photo Shoot on the Deck

Jackson got his hair buzzed again and he looks so CUTE!  Matt went to the Twins game and got ice cream sundae in the cap.  Jackson loves trying to wear the little helmet or using it as a phone. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Day of Treats......Popsicles on Deck & Nana and Papa Ice Cream Treat

No need for a lot of words for this post.  MY KIDS ARE MESSY & they LOVE POPSICLES, ICE CREAM, SUMMER & THEIR NANA & PAPA!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Watching Our Cousin Reese

playing video games with matt (I promis Reese is just HOLDING that beer for matt!!)

My sister had some work to do in the cities and she is planning on working part time soon (we hope!) so she won't be doing photo shoots anymore so she brought Reese down to see 'what mommy does'  She had to work a few more days so we got to hang out with Reese while Jenn was at work.  We all went to the lake by our house and swam.  Reese was a great helper and she played so well with the kids.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A visit from BABY HARPER

My best friend from high school came to visit with her beautiful baby (& adorable husband!!)  We had such a fun time playing in the pool and hanging out outside.  It was warm so the kids got to enjoy popsicles.  It is so fun seeing your friends become mommies & daddies.  Kirsten is a great mom and I look forward to seeing our kids grow up together!