Monday, November 29, 2010

Nora, Mommy and Daddy ALL sick

Daycare had a flu bug go through and Matt's cousin was under the weather at Thanksgiving so it was inevitable that one of us would get it. Well---Nora got it FIRST! Saturday morning she was hanging out downstairs with Matt and I, and then the puke came! It is so sad to watch your little girl being so confused and panicked about what was going on. She did not quite comprehend why she was sick and what was coming out of her! It was so sad. Then after throwing up she would feel better, want to play, want to cuddle, and then would get sick again. It was quick though, only Saturday was ruined by Nora being sick.

Then Sunday came......

I got sick, very very sick. I know that the ONE time I am a drama queen is when I have the flu but I am telling you. It was horrible.

Then Monday came.....

We found water in our basement, I am still pukingg and Nora was trying to help me feel better by rubbing my back while I was in the bathroom and Matt was trying to figure out the water situation. I then had to go outside in the snow to help fix our sump pump and fix a hole. Oh what a night!!!!

Then Late Monday Night came.....

Matt got sick, I am still sick and Nora needs US! Wow, I will pray and pray and pray everynight that we do not have to go through this week again. It is VERY tough having both parents sick with an infant who just wants to be loved!

Saturday we were finally all feeling better. Matt and Nora had quick flu bugs, I had the week long flu bug. I am just so glad the week is done and we are on the mend!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

1st Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the LAST 1st holiday for Nora. We are NOW at the point of her almost being around for ONE WHOLE YEAR! Thanksgiving was the Last of the FIRSTS, the end to an era, a new journey!!!

We hosted Thanksgiving for the Forslunds at our house. My first real holiday entertaining. I am not going to lie, it was stressful, our house is small, and our garbage disposal and dishwasher both broke 3 days before the big day. It was a very fun day filled with very good food!!

Again, no pictures because the camera is still broken. We are hoping to find a new camera on a black Friday sale!!

Funny video of Nora sticking out her tongue

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

All in one day....

I worked from 7 to 5:30 today and then came home to find that Nora has 2 new teeth! Wow, what can happen in one day! She now has 6 teeth. She is getting so big and time is just flying by, she will be 1 year old before we know it.

She is loving having her daddy home from work. She has taken naps for him and has eaten her lunch for him. I think she just likes me to see that daddy is her favorite!

We are hoping to get a camera on discount on black Friday so we hopefully will have photos SOON!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Olafson Christmas

My mom's side of the family has celebrated Christmas the 2nd weekend of November for the last 10 years. There are more than 60 of us now that come and celebrate together at the Holiday Inn in St. Cloud. My camera is broken because Nora has drooled on it so I took a few photos from my sisters blog to show you the excitement(I know I shouldn't let her play with my electronics but she just screams and screams....think drama queen times 100....) We had so much fun swimming and catching up with all our family.

All of the families in the "Twins Suite" - the Olafson Family is green, the Ulstad Family is blue, the Justesen family is purple, the Pollert Family is navy blue, and the Stevens Family is red.

Uncle Kyle with Cousin Landrey and Great Grandma Nora. Baby Nora is number 59 in the mix, Landrey is 58, Great Grandma Nora is #1, I am #24 and Matt is #48.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Family Photo Outing

We took family photos today with Greg Benz with CarbonSilver Photography. We went to Brant Lake Park and walked on the trails to find some good lighting. Greg is one of Matt's college friends boyfriends. He was so great with Nora, although Nora did NOT want to smile. Overall it was a great photo session and now we just need to figure out WHAT photos we want to get. There were so many adorable ones. Here are a few cute ones from the beautiful Fall day.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nora 11 Months Old!

Nora is 11 months old and she is getting so big. She is almost walking and has turned into quite the 'Chatty Kathy." She is quite the drama queen....she doesn't get that from me so it must be another trait that is from her father's side!! She LOVES getting her way and will let you know when she is angry because she is NOT getting her way (she has this horrible whine that is added to this scrunched up angry is hard to not laugh at her!)

She loves:

Crawling on her toes with her butt in the air like a monkey

Walking around the coffee table

Crawling over daddy's legs

Eating all kinds of foods

Her Bottle

Saying Dada

Smashing her food to smithereens (she takes crackers and just smashes them in her hands and giggles!!)

New tricks she has mastered (OK well not quite mastered) but can do when she is in the right MOOD:

"how big is Nora?"..... raising her hands for "So Big!"


High Fiving

Playing Peek-a-Boo

Climbing the stairs

She Does NOT Like:

Being told NO

When mommy or daddy are out of her sight

Monday, November 1, 2010

Poor Nora!!!!!

I brought Nora into the clinic about 3 weeks ago because her eye was gooping and she was pulling at her ears. The doctor said "nothing wrong" she is probably just teething and likes pulling her ears and quote "she is on the mend"! forward 3 weeks and she has had a cough, running nose, goopy eye, and has been pulling her ears everyday since then. I was trying to NOT be that parent who brings her kid into the clinic all the time, but after 3 weeks of coughing all night and uncrusting her poor eyes in the morning I brought her in. She has an ear infection, Poor Nora! Now she is on some medicine which is making her feel better, but sure gives her some dirty diapers!!! She now is NOT coughing, does NOT have a goopy eye, does not have a runny nose and only pulls at her ears when she puts food in her hair/ears!