Sunday, July 31, 2011

College Friend Get Together

The girls (plus Jackson)
After a weekend full of fun with the Gravens, we traveled to South Minneapolis to get together with some college friends.  I was/am lucky to have my sister be part of my college crew because she went to UST first and then I joined her friend circle so she can with to see all the old gang.  I don't know why we don't do it more often.  We went to Lucas and Jessie's house and it was beautiful. 
All of us

Nora and Odin, sharing mardi gras beads :)

Lucas, Matt and Jackson


Josh and Emily

Matt, Jackson and Tom

Saturday, July 30, 2011

A visit from the Graven 6

My sister, Kyle and their kids came and stayed with us for the weekend.  We had been trying to find a time all summer that would work and finally a weekend worked.  We grilled burgers, we went to the lake to swim, we played at the park and just hung out.  
Kissing Cousins


at the park

Landrey at the Lake Minnewashta playground

Mr. Smiles...the only one who didn't make it into the lake

pondering life?!

My camera got fuzzy....but it is a great photo of Jenn and Kyle

Mr. Sullivan

Reese loved being in the water

Nora feeling the sand in her toes

little blond cousins

Landrey walking out to the water

Kyle and the 3 older Gravens

Jenn and Reese and Landrey

Everyone, but Jackson and I out swimming in the windy lake!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Potty Training?

We are trying to get the potty chair to be a 'common place chair' in our household.  Nora gets a juicebox if she sits on the chair.  We haven't had too much success, although I know she is young.  But mommy would LOVE not having 2 in diapers!  1 in diapers and 1 potty training would be AWESOME!  Oh well, we will wait until the time comes.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Whose Bumbo is it??

sitting in the bumbo with my tie shirt on (thanks Danita!!!)
Nora is fascinated with all the baby toys that are now out and about in our house.  I think she is giving them more time and attention now than she did when she was a baby!  Anything Jackson touches, she wants.
looking at his sister Nora!

Her booty is stuck in the bumbo

"I'm Stuck Mom...can you help me and NOT take photos!!!!"

"aren't I cute?"

So Cute!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Daily Walks...

We go on a 2 mile walk on a trail by our house nearly daily.  There are numerous parks on this trail and we allow Nora to stop at the 'duck park' to play.  This park is JUST HER SIZE.  She can go up and down the steps without help.  She can go down the slide without help.  She can swing on the big girl swings or choose to play in the playhouse they have there.  She likes to stack the tiny pebbles up on the slide and then go down.  Jackson usually likes taking walks and is smiling today at the park. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Papa Lee's 60th & Great Aunt Lauries 50th Bday Bash

We went out on Friday to my parents farm to celebrate my dad's 60th and my aunts 50th birthday.  It was a lot of fun to see family and friends.  Nora always get scared around ALL her cousins so she was a bit of a handful all weekend but Jackson gave smiles to everyone.
Charlie got a bb gun and him and his grandpa mike shot at cans out at the farm.

Miss Kate in the Barbie car

Jackson, Matt and Grandma Nora

Grandma Nora, Matt, Jackson and Me

Nice face Kyle!

I love this photo of these 2.  Kyle tries SO SO SO hard to get Nora to smile all the time....she is opposite of Jackson and it takes her something extraordinary to get her to smile.

Ashley and Laney

Kathy and Jackson

Derek and Matt

Brianna, Courtney, Jenn and Derek

Bob and Jackson

Me and Derek trying to open some tequila to toast my dad and Derek's dad, Bob

Derek and I both turning 30, Bob and Dad both turning 60


Friends....30 years of friendship!

Jackson and Jenn

Ready for Church

Riding the tire swing

I love how this photo shows how much space there is to RUN at the farm

Great Grandma and Nora

Papa Lee, Grandma Deb, Jackson and Nora