Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Friends from Chicago

The gang at our local malt shop which was by the flooding MN River
- Matt, Nora, Me, Jennie, Matt G

We had visitors that weren't related to us come and stay for a few days! This is big news since we normally only have my family come and spend the night.

Matt and Jennie Grigas who live in Illinois came to meet little miss Nora. They are both teachers so they were on Spring Break. Matt was a roommate of my Matt in college. The last time I saw them we weren't "technically" pregnant (it was last March so I was just barely pregnant--didn't know since it was too soon to take a test!)

They came on Wednesday and left Friday morning. It was very fun to see them. We did not do anything too exciting, it was just relaxing and hanging out with Nora. This is why we like them so much, we don't need to entertain them or plan huge exciting things to do. We took a few walks, went to St. Thomas to 're-live' the college days, and ate A LOT of food. Nora had been begging to see where Mommy and Daddy fell in love so I am glad we were able to take a walk around the University of St. Thomas campus, although it looks nothing like it did more than 6 years ago when we went there.
Mommy and Daddy and Nora at UST (where 1 boy met 1 girl=2 hearts beating wildly!)

We also took a trip to the Cleveland Wok (a chinese buffet by UST) where Matt almost sold our child for a free buffet. The owner of the restaurant came up and took Nora out of Matt's arms and started kissing her and hugging her and it was a bit creepy....Matt was thinking that we would get free buffets for life if he let the sweet Chinese lady hold our baby! hm.....I don't think that is how it works Matt! What my hubby will do for food!!!

I was so glad that Nora liked being with Matt and Jennie since the week before she was having a bit of "stranger danger." Anytime anyone unfamiliar looked at her she would cry and stick out her bottom lip. Matt and Jennie were naturals, they even watched her one morning so I could take a shower that was longer than 2 minutes!

Hopefully soon we can all travel down to Chicago and visit them, don't know how long that trip would take with an infant, but it WILL happen soon!

Matt G and Nora--ADORABLE!

Jennie and Nora at the Cleveland Wok

the Matts and Nora---Cute outfit from the Grigas'--it was blue and the hostess at Cuzzy's kept calling her "Tiger" and HE!!! oh well, atleast everyone else knew she was a GIRL!

Fun to actually have someone take a photo of us--Here we are in front of the flooding MN River on HWY 41 in Chaska.
No worries, we stayed away from the raging flooding waters.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dinner with Some Friends

I met some old co-workers/friends for dinner tonight. Nora was amazingly good for NOT having a nap all day. She fell asleep on the car ride home so I decided to stop and pick up some rice cereal (as my attempt to make it did NOT work). My hope was to start giving her some rice cereal to help her HUNGER! We will see I guess.

It was fun catching up with Cara and Kristi. Cara brought her 8 month old daughter who is adorable. Kristi had just gotten married 10 days previous so we talked about the fun of weddings!

It was fun getting out of the house and seeing some new people!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Recent Pictures

Since the hubby blogged our weekend, I thought I would send out some recent photos of our little lovey! She is getting so big and is loving singing, talking and drooling!!

I love this one...
Nora and I were hanging out in bed and I got up to get a diaper for her and she grabbed the covers and is 'hiding' from me. (I guess this is why you don't put anything in a crib with a baby---they want to eat it or put it over their head, NOT a good idea---but it is a cute picture!)

How many more days till home opener? It can't get here fast enough. Nora is all ready for the Twins Season! We have multiple outfits so she can be sure to be wearing one while she roots for the Minnesota Twins today (anyone singing the song in their head now?!)

We walked to the park by our house so I could practice my basketball skills. I signed up to be in a basketball tournament that is in honor of one of my best friends from high school. He died a few years after graduation but was a star athlete so the proceeds of this tourney will go into a scholarship fund in his name. I am hoping Matt will watch Nora on Saturday so that I won't have to dribble with one hand and hold her in the other ;) oh wait I can't dribble anyways!!!! (FYI--I was the CENTER on our team, never had to put the ball on the ground!)

Nora and I after church. She is wearing her 'Sunday Best' and I just got my hair cut off so we are looking pretty snazzy! I totally thought I would NEVER be the person who puts bows in their baby's hair, but yep I have started to do it. She just has so much hair and they look so darn cute. Notice how happy she looks to be wearing the bow!

I can't believe she is almost 4 months old. My goal is to make her baby food, we'll see how that goes. I just got a 30% off coupon to Kohls and because our blender just died, I picked up a blender/food processor. I attempted making Nora's first babyfood tonight. Well, I should say, I tried to make rice cereal, but it didn't work (if anyone has made it work let me know!) so then I tried making pea puree---it worked. Now it is in the freezer until she is big enough to eat it. I guess we will just have to buy the rice cereal from the store, oh well. I was trying to be all pioneer and it didn't work! The pea puree looks really good (if I were a baby!!)

Weekend Fun

As the weather gets nicer, and the ice melts away, a whole new world has been waiting to greet our little Nora. It also helps that she has been getting so much bigger that she is able to begin experiencing new and exciting things, and also enjoy them! Nora's personality is starting to blossom, and we are getting to know her on a deeper level as she opens up. For example, Nora giggles and smiles when I bounce her on my lap and "launch her" into sky (i don't throw her up in the air yet, just raise her high above my head.) Certain tones of voice also send her into fits of laughter. She is growing up so quickly right in front of our eyes.

Nothing too exciting happened on Thursday, but on Friday we went to our second "Simply Connected" dinner. We had wonderful tacos with home made flour tortillas which was really good. Amber brought "Better Than Sex" cake which was named by Betty Crocker, not Amber. Nora loved watching the older kids run around and play. She spent her first dinner time in a high chair playing and talking to herself. Now that she can hold her head up so well, the next step is to be able to sit up on her own.

On Saturday, Amber went and got a haircut so it was good Daddy/Daughter bonding time. We read a few books which Nora really enjoyed. Her favorite book is the "Tails" book, which has different textures for the different types of animal tails (scaly Alligator tails, fuzzy cat tails, etc.) She also took a nice 45 minute nap (equivalent to a 2 hour nap for normal infants) so I could get a few chores done around the house.

Today (Sunday) - we brought Nora to church and she was a little angel. She does love talking now though, so when everything was very quiet and still while we were praying Nora decided to vocalize her thoughts to God. After church, we went to Culver's and then went for a walk. Nora took another good afternoon nap (45 minutes!) so Amber and I could do a few things around the house.

All in all, it was a great weekend with our little Nora-bear. This parenting thing isn't so tough after all! (Cue Nora crying in 3....2...1.....)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finishing up our Book

We finished our book "When husband and wife become mom and dad" for book group tonight. All of the couples (and their babies) were there. It was so fun seeing all the babies at their different stages. Paige is almost 8 months, Nora is almost 4 months and little Quinn is almost 2 months. It is amazing to watch them all so close in age, yet in completely different stages. You really have to take each day/week and cherish it because soon they will change right before your eyes. God has been so good to us to bring us these great friends! We are so happy to have them all in our lives and be able to watch our kids grow up as friends! Jeff and Betsy's little girl Maddie loves hanging out with the babies after we are done talking about the book--she has little dolls all named Paige, Nora and Quinn.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nora Giggling

I wish I had a video of it. Nora was giggling and giggling and giggling. This was the most I have seen her do it. I was just 'snorting' at her like a pig and she kept laughing and giggling. I tried to call Matt on the phone so he could hear her but he did not answer. It was so sweet and a moment where I thanked God for my little angel. She is the best thing that has happened to us!

Nora's Tough Night

Nora normally goes to bed at 8ish and stays asleep until 4am to eat, then goes right back to bed until 8:30am. Last night she got up at 3:30am and ate and then talked in her crib for an hour, at 4:30am she started crying, so I fed her again and gave her some gas drops. I tried rocking her back to sleep to no avail; She just kept her eyes WIDE OPEN. I put her in her crib at 5:45 but she started talking again (happy) and then at 6:30 she was screaming. I was so confused as to what was wrong, she has been on a pretty sweet schedule (for mommy) the last few weeks. I laid her in bed with me and she pooped, and then fell asleep! Poor girl...she was just having some tummy troubles! Hopefully tonight will be a better night!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Night Dinner

Matt went to a confirmation meeting with his brother AJ (he is his sponsor for confirmation) on Sunday and I texted him telling him I was craving a good burger. He picked up some meat (although we have 1/6 of a cow in our chest freezer) and we made awesome burgers. Matt made a double cheese bacon mushroom and onion burger. I just had a normal cheeseburger!!!

Nora must be growing because she slept quite a bit today and is eating quite a lot. She is smiling more and more.

Lunch with Danielle & Emma

Of course, didn't catch Nora smiling...Emma really made her giggle!
Danielle, Emma (almost 3) and Nora (3.5 months)
Emma on the carousel

Nora and I met up with Danielle, Matt's cousin's wife, and her daughter Emma at Southdale Mall. I forgot the stroller from walking outside the previous day so luckily I found a random shopping cart that we took a walk with. The Easter Bunny was there but with Nora being so crabby with new people I thought the bunny may scare the crap out of her!!!!

Emma made Nora laugh and smile while we ate lunch at the food court. It was fun watching Nora smiling so much at a new person! Emma also rode the carousel and loved it.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nicknames for Nora

So we rarely call Nora "Nora"....we have many nicknames for her and I am sure as she gets older and gets more of a personality she will get more.

Some of her nicknames are:
from Grandma Anne and Grandpa Steve - Babykins

Nora and her TONGUE

Nora loves to put everything in her mouth---here she is chewing on her rattle

Nora has found her tongue. She loves sticking it out, chewing on it, drooling from it. It it hilarious to watch. She has also realized that depending on where her tongue is she can make different noises.
She has also found her fists and loves to have them in her mouth or she has them folded in front of her like she is praying. She keeps changing every day, it is such an amazing feeling being a parent. Each time she smiles at you, you feel like a million bucks!!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Nora and her first nametag from ECFE

We had our first day of ECFE (early childhood family education) class today. The class was very small, only Nora and me & another mother/daughter. We sang some cute and fun songs, we talked about baby, and we played with Penguin Jack. Our teacher, Lisa, brought out Penguin Jack who is a puppet that comes out of a black and white tube and Nora freaked out. She looked at it and stuck out her bottom lip and cried, and cried, and cried. I finally consoled her and the teacher and I talked about her sensitive temperment. Now that someone actually put a word to it, it actually makes sense, Nora is very sensitve to new things and new people. She needs to be introduced to things slowly. So I guess good to know now why she cries when things are new! Or maybe it is just stranger danger anxiety---we will see as she gets older. Hopefully this next Wednesday, she will enjoy Penguin Jack a bit more.
Notice our green outfits to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Matt's Friend from High School

Matt, Nora, Jon

Matt had one of his best friends from his high school days over. Jon D was great with little Nora. I put Nora to bed and then we all watch "Lost" and yet again....I am lost with what is going to happen (like my pun?).

Monday, March 15, 2010


So I went to Super Wal-Mart to pick up a few things and get some groceries. I was waiting in line behind these 2 ladies and a very new born baby and they took about 20 minutes (no joke) to check out. They had only a few things, but one went to the bathroom in the middle of the transaction and then the other went to the cash machine. They finally got through the line and I was trying to get on Highway 169 and I saw the same 2 ladies in a car. I then saw one of the ladies SMOKING in the car with the BABY, with her windows up!!! Poor little baby...honestly,

1)don't smoke

2)don't smoke in your car

3)don't smoke in your car with your baby inside

4)don't smoke in your car with your baby inside with the WINDOWS rolled up.

Trust me I know people have vices, and I have my own vices. I have family that smokes, so I am not judging (although it sounds like I am) but don't endanger your sweet innocent newborn baby with 2nd hand smoke. I am sure people probably think the same thing about me when they see me drinking a Mello Yellow while hanging out with Nora as well....but my rant is now over.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Selection Sunday


The cutest little Gopher!!!

We watched Selection Sunday at Champs. Nora was rooting on the Minnesota Gophers along with her daddy! Hopefully they do well and make Matt happy!!

Matt was also rooting for Kansas. Here is Matt, Nora, and WallyCat (Nora's stuffed toy!)


The Sun is so bright!!!

Today Matt, Nora and I walked outside. It was BEAUTIFUL. I cannot wait for spring/summer to be here officially so we can see more sun. It makes mommy very happy to see the sun shining!

We also met up with my college friend Lucas who just got engaged. We talked about wedding fun and Jesi (Lucas' fiance) is even hiring me to do some alterations and make a veil. So excited to get do some wedding stuff after sewing straight seams on handbags for so long!!!
Jesi, Nora and I

Lucas and Nora

Saturday, March 13, 2010

March Date Night

Nora, Granny Annie, Grandpa Steve

Matt called his parent's and asked if they would watch little Miss Nora for us so we could go on our 2nd 'date night'. Of course, they said yes!!! We planned on going to the dollar theater in Hopkins to watch "The Blind Side" but when we drove past the theater there were about 100 people in line outside and it was already 4:05 (movie started at 4!!!) so we decided to try bowling. We went to Tuttle's in Hopkins (I had my bachelorette party here...oh the memories!) and guess what, ALL the lanes were full. Recession? Really, how are this many people OUT AND ABOUT on a Saturday at 4? We ended up going to Granite City in Saint Louis Park for dinner. I forgot my ID in the diaper bag though so I couldn't even indulge in a microbrew beer! bummer! We then went to Trader Joes and Matt got a 'crazy 6 pack of beer' and then we came home. Pretty exciting date night!!! Came home and talked with Grandma and Grandpa Forslund. Hopefully she was a good girl for them. She used be on a pretty good schedule, but the last few days she has been a bit off--Yesterday she only took 2 - 20 minute naps, went to bed at 8pm and then slept until 9:30 this morning. WOW, Matt actually got up, ate breakfast, read the paper and she was STILL sleeping! You gotta know that Nora is our daughter since she sleeps in on a Saturday morning. Today I cleaned the bathrooms AND put up our handrails on the way to the basement so we can have our "FINAL INSPECTION" by the city and finally be done with our building permit (it has only be out for 3 years). Pretty busy day at the Forslund House!
Matt, Amber and Nora (3.5 months old)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Trip to Minneapolis

Nora and I went and visited my cousin Kelly who was watching her niece and nephew, Maia and Michael(my cousin Jeff's kids). Nora slept only for 2 - 20 minute naps today but she was happy while we were there. She watched Michael and Maia play and run around. She loves looking around and watching other people. Got home and Matt and I had corn dogs---real glamorous huh? Pretty exciting blog huh?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Getting Nora Back on Schedule and Walk with Neighbor

Nora 13 weeks old

Since we were at Grandma and Grandpas house Nora got a bit off her schedule with all the activities that were happening. This week we are trying to get Nora back on her nap/eating routine. She fell asleep on her own in her crib both yesterday and today. HOORAY!

We went for a walk today with the neighbor lady and her 2 month old son we met a few weeks ago. Nora was awake the whole walk just staring at me or our neighbor, Jessica. She then fell asleep in the car and I was able to run errands. We also took her 13 week photo today, even though she is now 13.5 weeks old.

Church, Dinner at Brandon/Courtneys

Sunday we went to church and then had dinner at my brother Brandon and Courtneys. Matt came and picked us up today as well; He hadn't seen us since Tuesday night! He was very sleepy but was excited to see Nora (and of course ME!) We hung out at my parents house for awhile--Matt hadn't seen my family since Christmas and then we drove home in the fog-not fun! Nora was a very good traveler and was excited to sleep in her own crib! Here is a photo of her with Madison's famous soda pop - Sundrop!! Again look at her sober face, won't crack a smile for the camera. This is why we haven't paid to have photos done.....what is the point of paying a photographer if she isn't going to smile? Anyone have ideas to get her to smile for the camera?
Nora with her mini pop can

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saturday with the Graven Boys

Lincoln (5 years) and Nora---Sully in the background

Jenn and Kyles little girls ended up getting sick and Landrey ended up in the hospital Friday. Jenn still came to the baby shower but she brought the two healthy boys to stay with Grandma and Grandpa so they could take care of their little girls! They took turns staying at the hospital/going to work/taking naps....

Sullivan, Lincoln and Nora got quality grandma Debbie and grandpa Lee time this weekend. Lincoln was so good with Nora, he was singing her songs and taking very good care of her. Lincoln, grandma and I all watched Hannah Montana: The Movie on Saturday night and Lincoln danced along to the songs. He also said to Grandma "I am fawting must be the stew" Linc is still working on the 'r' sound so he was telling grandma that he was farting, and only he and my dad had the stew for supper so he went and asked my dad if he was 'fawting' too. My mom and I couldn't stop laughing.

Video of Lincoln singing "rock a bye baby" ---I missed recording the first part so it is just the ending!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Baby Shower for my Cousin

I hosted a baby shower for my cousin Ashley in Dawson this weekend. I found a little baby devotional online and we played a few games. Having a girl around Valentines Day is perfect because I found fun pink prizes at the Dollar Spot!! She got alot of nice presents for her upcoming bundle of joy! Baby girl (Laney Paige) is due to arrive March 18 which is my sister Jenn's birthday! We are all excited for another girl to join the family!!!

Everyone probably listening to my instructions on how to play one of the games

Thursday, March 4, 2010

3 Months Old

Nora is 3 months old today. Wow, how the time has flown!

She is starting to smile at mom and dad, she still seems to be pretty sober-faced when trying to take photos! She is talking up a storm and getting into a routine. She LOVES eating her hands, I get her out of her crib in the morning and once I take off her swaddle, she sticks her fingers in her mouth and looks like Cookie Monster!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Trip to Target with Kate

Nora and Kate at Pizza Hut/Target (Nora doesn't get to enjoy the wonderful pizza, just a pacifier!!)
Kate loving her pizza

Today we watched Kate so Uncle Brandon and Aunt Courtney could go taste test food at the TCF stadium (lucky them!!!) Kate was loving all the baby toys and I even found her sucking on Nora's pacifier---whoops! We had fun coloring and Kate helped me pack for the week while Nora slept. We went to Target for Pizza Hut pizza for lunch. Very fun and Kate loved her meal!!!
Courtney and Brandon then drove Nora and I back to my parents' house (Madison, MN 3 hours west of twin cities).

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Switching Clothes

Nora is now wearing size 3-6 months. She is not my little girl anymore :( Actually she needs to wear size 3-6 for tops, but she could probably still wear newborn or 0-3 month pants. She has a 'swimmers body'--we have a tiny Michael Phelps in our house, Broad shoulders and a tiny waist.
We are unpacking the outfits borrowed from Aunt Jenny and Aunt Courtney!!! It is amazing that a 3 month old can have more clothes than me!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Walk Outside

Today Nora and I ventured outside. I finally felt it was warm enough to atleast have her outside for longer than 2 seconds. No worries, we bundled her up in her snowsuit and I had a blanket and hat over her head--so hopefully all is well. When is it warm enough for her to actually take a long walk outside? I am having a bit of cabin was SO nice to see the sun today.

A few weeks ago I got our Ford Focus stuck sideways in our alleyway. I had to humble myself and go ask the neighbor man to help me, definitely hurt my pride, but it needed to be done as the car was at a T in the alley (I got halfway up our driveway and the tires were spinning so I thought if I got more speed I would make it up so I reversed and then tried to get speed and make it into driveway---well little did I know that the tires on Focus had NO tread so we were stuck) We had not met these neighbors so it was a bad situation turned good, since I found out they just had a baby best friend for Nora! So long story short, Nora and I met our alley neighbors, Jessica, John, and little 2 month old William.

Then we walked across the boulevard to Kelly and Steve's house. Kelly runs a daycare so Nora was loving watching all the little boys running around, until she got hungry. We then walked back home in the warm sun. What a fun Monday!