Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nora's naptime?!

Nora has been playing around in her room at naptime instead of SLEEPING.  I haven't minded as long as she is having 'quiet time' but I have gone into her room a few times and I find her sleeping in the middle of her room or in weird spots.  Its like her body decided to sleep right in the middle of 'playing' 
sleeping on floor, when her sleeping bag is right next to her.
Must've fallen asleep while playing with her shows.
Fell asleep with butt in air after taking everything out of wipes case and diaper basket.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Festivities

Nora running from the catnip plant to bring it Nana

Auntie Kate and Jack

Jackson loving his new ride

How do I drive this thing?

homemade popsicles
Neighbor boy and Nora drinking from the hose

picnic in the garage

With having Jackson's birthday party on Saturday we stayed home and did not travel for Memorial Day.  Sunday, we put together Jackson's new birthday toys - a cozy coop and a water table.  We had a bbq with our neighbor friends.  We were outside ALL weekend.  My shoulders got burnt.  We went over to Matt's parents house for a little bbq and saw MARRIED uncle adam and aunt kate.  It was the first time we have seen them since the wedding so that was fun.  The kids are loving being outside. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jackson's Birthday Party

His invitation wording said "Our little man is turning one, it would tickle his whiskers if you'd join him for some fun"
We had a "Little Man" birthday party for Jackson.  Yes that is Jackson with a old time mustache on.  I thought the theme turned out great and It was SO MUCH FUN planning a 1st birthday party when I was pregnant.  I remember planning Nora's party and just not having any energy or not feeling well and not wanting to do anything.  I felt since I dropped the ball on Nora's 1st Birthday Party I needed to go overboard with Jackson's.  His was so fun.  We played pin the mustache on Jackson, we had mustache chocolate popsicles, we had mustache cupcakes, we had mustache stickers....it was a pretty hairy party!  I used a bunch of ideas and recipes I found on pinterest.  I made
monster cookie cookie dough dip-delicious
chinese cabbage salad- also yummy
cooler corn - where you cook the corn in a igloo cooler- awesome

Then I used my cricut machine which Matt bought me a year ago and cut out a bunch of mustaches for the pin the mustache on Jackson game.  I also had Kinkos make a huge engineer print of Jackson which is an inexpensive way to blow up a picture.
The treat bags had tootsie pops with mustaches on them, combs to brush their whiskers and had mustaches with their name on the bag.
I love actually getting to use my creative juices so this was so fun to do!
mustache cupcakes

charlie and his mustache

Grandma Debbie and Landrey

Treat bags with each kids name cut out - thanks to the cricut machine

mabel with her mustache and cousin kelly

Reese and her mustache

Cousin Erika and birthday boy
1 cake and mustache cake and popsicles

Pin the mustache poster

All the kids decorating their mustache to pin

Cousin Kelly and Mabel

Reese and sullivan decorating their mustaches

kids eating their cupcakes

Birthday Boy

One set of godparents (Brandon and Courtney) with Jackson

JT, Charlie and Lincoln with mustaches

All the kids with the mustaches they made

Jackson with the pinned mustaches

Nana Anne and birthday boy

Great Grandma Arlene, Lincoln and Reese

Singing Happy Birthday

Nora helping blow out the candle

Jackson not knowing if he should eat it or just look at it.

Smash Cake here I come

Jackson and Great Grandma Barb

Our neighbor Jessica, Jackson and Kate

Nana and Papa

Great Grandma Neve

Kyle and Jackson

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our Architect

Nora loves building.  Her and Matt go downstairs and build "happy houses" with the jenga blocks.  I was in the kitchen today helping Jackson finish up his breakfast and I came out to the living room to see her masterpiece of 3 high and 10 wide tower.  I was pretty impressed that she did that all by herself. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shopping for Jackson's 'Birthday Party'

We had to run a few different places to get stuff for Jackson's birthday party and it was quite an adventure.  First I needed to buy mustache molds on the internet to make mustache popsicles.  Then we needed to visit the grocery store for food.  Then Mommy needed a caribou to keep herself sane.  The kids were good for the most part and enjoyed the car cart at Byerlys.  Nora also LOVED getting sips of Mommy's caramel cooler. 
Love the mustache Nora

Little Man party ready!!

Decided to eat my mustache instead of wear it!!!!

car cart at Byerlys

drinking some of my caramel cooler

Friday, May 18, 2012

Visiting Great Grandma Nora & Surprise Visit from Uncle Tanner

Nora and Jackson at the care center - playing on the floor

wrestling at the care center

Tanner and Jackson

JT riding bike

my siblings, Brandon, me, Tanner and Jenny with my grandma Nora

My mom and grandma Nora

My mom and her littlest granddaughters, Nora and Landrey

Brother Tanner and I

Jake, Tanner and Scotty - Tanners high school friends

the grandkids

My grandma Nora isn't doing well and we drove out to the farm to see her and see the family.  We visited my grandma at the care center and then had a surprise visit from my brother Tanner who has been living in Florida since September.  Everyone was excited to see Tanner and see grandma Nora.