Sunday, February 28, 2010


So the weekend projects are completed, although during the process of one project I decided to completely RE-DO our bathroom so I am still waiting to finish that. I went to a baby shower on Saturday and one of my friends there actually asked the progress on the projects, so it does pay to blog it so I am accountable to get the projects done (thanks Amanda for checking on the status!!!) Below are some before and after photos!

Living Room Wall--complete, although Matt says we need some 'family' photos instead of just photos of our baby Nora! We don't have any photos that are nice enough to put on a wall, so we will have to get all decked out and go over to Grandpa Steve's and see if he will take a snazzy picture of us with his nice camera!! For now I just put a wedding photo.
Living Room Wall Before

Living Room Wall AFTER
(It seems a bit right sided....any suggestions?--leave me a comment)

Bathroom Hole- Hole is fixed and repaired (it took about 40 dollars to fix, honestly!) I needed a mesh hole thing to cover the hole, spackle, and then because our walls are textured I needed to buy texture in a spray can so the wall would look the same through out. After fixing the hole, I decided to paint the walls and redo the whole bathroom. I have wanted to paint this bathroom red since we moved in but always found a different project to do. It is finally painted red, and since it is an asian themed bathroom, we have momentos from Matt's stay in Japan and my trip to China. I love it, the red seems REALLY bright in the photos but it is a nice red. We are now just waiting for some photos to be enlarged so we will put those up once they come in.
Stupid Hole in Wall Spackle Over Hole (still Pink so it is still wet)Spray texture on wall
Red Wall, No Hole, waiting for photos to put up on wall.

Yeah....1 weekend, 2 projects done!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekend Projects

So maybe if I blog about the projects I want to get done this weekend, they MIGHT get done!
We have a hole in our tiny main floor bathroom that has been there for a year or so. It is embarrassing and the people who lived here before us did a shoddy job of trying to fix it. Oh well, I will become 'Handy Mandy' and fix this hole this weekend.
Step 1 - go to home depot (check)
Step 2 - get supplies (check)
Step 3 - fix hole
Step 4 - paint bathroom red

I will post pictures when this is DONE, hopefully it will be Sunday!

We also need to make our photo wall, which I have everything except the 8x10 frames. I have the "F", the mirror, the Forslund frame, the pictures...will also post pictures when this is done. In my head it is going to look great, we will see!

2 things, that is what I want to accomplish this weekend. Please keep me in your thoughts and send me motivation so this gets done!!
Have a great weekend! I am going to try and be better at blogging, for real this time. Even if it isn't about Nora, I will try and blog about life and times at the Forslunds. Maybe what matt and I ate for dinner but atleast I will be blogging (ha ha, like anyone cares about what we eat!) Although we are eating very interesting things now that I have a 'clean out my cupboards' mentality. I love when Matt gets home from work and I can show him all the things I 'used up' that day. Today it was the rest of the cereal for breakfast and the last of the pickles for lunch. Hooray!
So long for now!

BIG girl Nora

Nora likes this position (she sat like this for her valentines photos too!)

Nora is getting so big. 12 weeks old today. She is less wobbly and is starting to grab at toys. She loves looking at her hands and is fascinated with her feet. We just put her in her Bumpo chair for the first time and I think she likes it. It is so fun to watch her grow. I am starting to transition her out of her 0-3 month clothes into 3-6 clothes. While I was looking through the 3-6 mo clothes, I found a few 0-3 clothes so this week my goal was to be sure she wore every 0-3 outfit before we move into the bigger clothes---so thrilling! She is so long in her torso but she could probably stay in 0-3 pants because she has a skinny waist. I am so excited to see her in NEW outfits.
Nora likes her bumpo--although she won't crack a smile for the camera

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Week of Meeting New People

On Wednesday we met our friend Angie Reedy in Edina at Panera Bread. She and her husband are in the process of adopting a baby from Columbia so it was fun to see how the process was going. Angie was a great 'mom' and held Nora while I ordered all our food and picked it up. She got Nora a onesie that said "little stinker" which is OH SO TRUE!!!!
Angie and Miss Nora
Through the church we attend, Westwood, we got connected with a small group. We met tonight for the first time and had great company with 3 other couples and their children. There was a total of 7 kids running around (ok only 4 were running around, the other 3 were under 4 months, 3 months, and 3 weeks!) We will rotate houses and make dinner and have fellowship monthly. I feel so thankful that God has put some great people into our lives. We truly appreciate everyone who has helped us with our little baby and it is nice to get to know new people in the same stage of life that we are at. Here is a photo of all 7 kids
Lets see if I can get all the names right : Nora (3 mo), Kensie(4 mo), Graham(3 wks), Eisley (1 yr), Emmett (3 yr), Kenzie(4 yr), and Tori (1 yr)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My First RUN!!!

A good college friend and I went for a jog today. I have only been WALKING, so I was a bit scared of this feat. I am so thankful that Emily came with me. She talked about her day/week/vacation she was just on. It helped pass the time and make me not realize my legs were burning. I surprised myself (and Emily) by being able to run 1.5 miles, then we walked .5 miles, then we ran 1 mile and cooled down with .5 walk. I was pleasantly surprised and happy with the effort. I won't be running a marathon anytime soon, as I probably will get the chance to run about once a month. This was actually my first time going 'out' without Nora, that didn't involve groceries! It was pretty exciting!

Thanks to Emily for the run!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Keller Party

Grandpa Steve and Nora

Allie, Great Great Aunt Marg, Matt, Nora

Matt's cousin Ben and Nora

Ben's little girl, Emma, and our little girl--they will be best friends

Nora and Noreen (they have a bond since their names are so close!!)

Matt's mom had a 'get to know you' party to meet Nora for her side of the family. It was fun to see everyone again, we hadn't seen them since Matt's cousins' wedding in November.

She got to meet and hang out with most of the family, only a few people were missing! We had great food and company. We sat around and talked, watched the Olympics and played BINGO! Matt won some gum and I won a little garden pinwheel (Thanks Anne!!)

Above are some photos of everyone from the day.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Baby Nora meets Great Grandma Nora

Nora and Nora

Nora and I left after her morning nap and feeding to travel to Fargo, North Dakota to meet my Grandma Nora (who Baby Nora was named after!) We stopped at the Albertville Outlet Mall to see if they had any baby clothes deals going on, I was disappointed, but I did find a few cute things at Old Navy Outlet. After feeding her again (in the car) at the Outlet Mall, we set off for the state of North Dakota. She slept most of the way, but then was VERY hungry when we got to Grandmas assisted living apartment. Grandma, who doesn't normally like to hold babies (she says her arms are too weak to hold them) was very excited to hold Nora. Baby was smiling and giggling and talking to Great Grandma and it was so sweet to watch them together. My mom and Reese, my sisters 4 year old daughter, also came to visit. We visited with Grandma a bit and then baby Nora and I went to visit some of my high school friends who live in Fargo. Alex and Kali Mork (and their dogs Kirby and Puckett) live near my Grandma so we stopped by to say hello and so they could meet Nora. Nora liked the dogs and was so excited she pooped down her leg---that was a fun diaper to change! Alex and I have been friends since we were in the same daycare at 3/4 years old! He has been a great friend and I am so glad we have stayed in touch through all the years. Kali is his high school sweetheart and also a high school friend, we played volleyball and basketball together. They were excited to meet Nora and to catch up. We stayed at my Aunt Connie and Randy's house. It was so great to see them. With them living in Fargo, I don't see them as much as I would like to. Connie made a wonderful supper on Friday night and a few more cousins came over to eat/play cards/meet Nora. Saturday morning, pancakes were made with Reese's help!! We then drove to say goodbye to Grandma. I was so glad I made the trip to see her and for her to see her great granddaughter who is named after her. We took a 4 generation picture with my grandma, my mom, me and Nora. It will be a great keepsake. I needed to get back to the cities by 4, so we left Fargo and headed back home at 11:30. Nora has now been in 2 states and hopefully the next time we visit Grandma and Grandpa Ulstad we can drive the 10 miles to the South Dakota border (which daddy has never done yet). Overall the trip was so great and Nora was a perfect traveler (she slept the whole way home).
Aunt Connie and Reese

Alex, Kali and Nora (after being all CLeANED up!)

My mom and Nora (cute bow huh?)

Nicole and Nora

Me, Nora, Grandma Nora

4 Generations:
My grandma, My mom, Me, My daughter

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Walk with "Pretend Cousin"

Kevin and I call each other cousins, but really my aunt is married to his uncle. Kevin was ringbearer and I was flowergirl in their wedding. We have been friends and have stayed in touch since then. He is a great guy, even came and helped us finish our basement since I couldn't do anything because I was pregnant and sick to my stomach. Kevin and I went walking at the Eden Prairie Mall. She was super happy the whole trip--Kevin said babies can 'smell fear' so you can't be scared or afraid of them crying, if you are then they will turn on you!!

He was very helpful with Nora-I had to get a bunch of things at the mall/Target and he carried Nora around, or pushed her in the stroller, so I could get my things at Target(I needed some gifts for the shower I was throwing for my cousin and a mirror). Since I was going to be traveling to North Dakota that weekend, I wanted to get a mirror for the car so I could see Nora while driving the 4 hours--he suggested Once Upon A Child, which had a mirror for 3 dollars versus the 20 dollars at Target. Once Upon A Child is my new favorite store.
Totally 'Chill' hanging with Kevin

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

We celebrated Valentine's Day at home, relaxing. Matt was, and still is, under the weather. He has had a cold for 2 weeks now and Nora was not feeling well either (or so we got from her pooping ALL over and ruining 3 outfits all by noon!). I am feeling fine and am praying that I do not get the 'bug'. Anyway--Valentine's day was a day of new food at our house. My latest goal is to use up the food we have in our house (I have a bit of a food hoarding gene in me) So I am not going to the grocery store, except for fruit/milk/eggs/bread until we use up a bunch of food we already have. So I found crab in the freezer and decided to make crab quiche which was amazing. Matt couldn't even taste it since his sinuses and head cold were overpowering his tastebuds! For supper, I marinated steaks and made stuffed peppers. Again, very yummy. I had never made stuffed peppers before because I imagined they would be hard to make, not the case! They were easy and tasted great. Matt ate the extra pepper filling on a bun the next day for lunch.
Matt and I aren't huge gift people so we exchanged cards to each other and to Nora for her first Valentine's day. Nora did buy daddy a Twins golf divet tool and ball marker. I made an embroidered heart shirt for Nora and took some photos to send the family. Isn't she cute! She loves to smile and talk up a storm UNTIL the camera comes out, then she has this stone cold look on her face and will NOT crack a smile. One day soon, I will get her adorable smile on camera.

Looking like she is ready for spring

Long day, daddy and Nora taking a nap together (I love that Nora's pants are next to her instead of ON her!!!)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Grandma Anne's Birthday

Birthday Girl and Nora

Grandma Anne had a little birthday party so Matt, Nora and I went over to celebrate with her. The whole immediate family was there so it was a fun time all around. Nora was very funny, or should I say ridiculous, because she would cry anytime someone besides me held her. Later on in the week we found out she was running a bit of a temp and obviously was not feeling well, which is why she made Grandma feel sad on her birthday! She didn't quite have a fever (only 99.9) but she definitely was NOT feeling herself (pooping everywhere, NOT sleeping, and crying MUCH more than normal). On Sunday she finally started to get back on schedule, thank goodness. Hopefully Grandma Anne realized it wasn't HER that Nora was crying at!!! Here are some photos from the night!
Birthday cake for Grandma Anne

Steve and Nora

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Date Night with Matt

Our Family Photo
(I had to have a photo taken since I actually put on make-up and DID my hair!!!)

Nora is VERY sad that her parents are leaving her with someone else!!!

For Mommy-kah which was the holiday of 8 crazy nights of presents for me, from Matt, he gave me "1 mystery date on February 6th". Well this night came, hooray!! This was our first night out as a couple, leaving Nora at home. We had planned on going to Cafe Latte in St. Paul (back to our college roots) but we were starving. We stopped at Champs in Eden Prairie for 'a drink and appetizers' and ended up playing a coin game to see where our next stop would be. We ended up at some Chinese restaurant in Bloomington, it was ok, but didn't live up to my Cafe Latte dreams!

Auntie Katie and Adam watched little Miss Nora for us. We left at 5 and were back at our house at 8:30 (so a quick night!). Miss Nora was a bit fussy for her babysitters, but overall they said she was a good girl (who seemed to just be fussy because she had a bit of gas too work out!!) They were great babysitters (even cleaned the kitchen while we were gone--rockstar!) and Nora loves them very much.
Nora and her babysitters (Adam & Katie)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Dinner with Kirsten and Ross

Ross, Kirsten and Nora

Kirsten and Nora
One of my high school friends was in town so we met up at "The Scoreboard" in Hopkins (it is right near our old apartment--Greenfield) to eat. It was fun to catch up with them and for them to see Nora. They saw her when she was in the hospital and only 1.5 days old. She has gotten quite a bit bigger. She was a bit fussy still from her shots, but overall she was a great baby! Kirsten is a nurse practitioner so we always get to talk about medical things when we get together. I started talking about having to watch her get her shots and she started talking about having to watch the 'boy surgery'--after this conversation Matt has decided he is ok just having girls.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nora 2 Months Doctor Appt

Nora and Mommy (she isn't too happy after her shots huh?)

We had Nora's 2 month check up today. She weighed 10 pounds 9.5 ounces, was 22 3/4 inches long and her head circumference was 37.1 cm. So according to the average she is:
75% for height
50% for weight
10% for head circumference
She also got her 2 month shots. I think I was more sad than she was about this. She was super excited to get the vaccine that is in liquid form and you drink it. She had it drunk before the 2nd nurse came in to 'hold her legs' for the shot vaccines. The nurses held her legs and I had to hold her arms and her face got red and she screamed like no other time for about 5 seconds and then I picked her up and she was 'all better!' That is when I started crying. I just felt bad having to see her get pricked. This is the easy time to give kids shots too, because now she will forget the shots 5 seconds after getting them; wait until she is 2 and knows that going to the doctor means shots.

Doctor said she is doing fine, she is supposed to take vitamin D supplements, hmmm..anyone else do this? I feel like if she is breastfed and I get more than enough vitamin D-isn't that enough? Why do I have to supplement drops? If anyone has advice, let me know!

She is sleeping very well, and gaining weight so we are happy. We have to go back to the doctor for her 4 month appointment.
Looney Tunes Band-Aids on her little legs :(

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First Package

Nora and I went walking at the Chaska Comm Center today and then checked the mail on our way home(our mailbox is no on our house but in a cluster down the street). We had a key fo a package, which I wasnt too excited about since we had gotten packages the past 2 days and all they were was formula samples!! But today was different----NORA received her FIRST package today. She has received letters, but no packages. It was a wonderful gift from my Aunt Danita (ok and my uncle Harlee and their boys-but I figured that Danita had been in charge!) Had to take a picture of the packaging-although it was after Baby Nora ripped it open :)
Yeah, the USPS got it to us!!!

And the outfit, adorable! I cannot wait for Nora to wear it, which will be in a few months (love getting gifts for when they are older, because then they can wear them for longer than 2 months, plus the fact that you store them away and voila it's Christmas again when you open them back up!!!) Danita has 3 boys, but she sure has great taste in clothing when it comes to girls clothes. This is the sweetest (pun intended) outfit, it has cupcakes on the skirt, the tights and SHOES! Thanks Danita for such a cute outfit(and thanks for following our blog!!)

Nora Smiling and Talking

Nora is smiling and talking quite a bit. I finally got it on tape and camera. Here she is talking, as Grandpa Steve says "She is singing karaoke to Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift (who happens to be mommy's favorite!)" It is so fun to see her become more vocal (well talking vocal, NOT crying vocal!!!)

Here is Nora smiling, she wakes up with a smile on her face. It is so sweet to go into her room and get her in her crib. She is so excited to see me/Matt. Definetely worth all the 'crabby' moments!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Jungle Gym

Nora is finally liking some of her toys, although in mommy or daddy's arms is her preferred toy! She got this jungle gym play mat from some of Matt's coworkers and she loves the noises and activities it has. She isn't too fond of being on her tummy, but she will play on the mat for a few minutes before she turns on us.

Nora looking at herself in the mirror (on the other side of red thing)

Video of Nora looking at jungle gym