Friday, November 30, 2012

Nora's First Movie

in the movie theater

Outside the Grand Theater in Madison, MN

Kate, Charlie, JT and a TIRED nora!
We went out to my parents house for the weekend and my brother called and said they were going to the movie!  My parents watched Jackson so Nora and I could go to the movie "Rise of the Guardian"   Nora did really well, she sat on my lap, she wiggled, she snuggled with her lovey, she ate her treats....she didn't even get scared when there were dark parts in the movie.  Kinda sad that we chose this to be her FIRST movie, but atleast she got to experience this with her cousins and aunt Courtney and uncle Brandon so that makes me smile!!  She also got to experience her first movie at my hometime movie theater which is where I am pretty sure I saw my first movie (although I can't remember what it was!!!)

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