Saturday, September 11, 2010

1st Fair

All of us at the fair: Matt, Ashley & Laney, Courtney, Brandon holding Nora, Jenn holding Landrey, Tanner, Kate, Erika, Reese, JT, Lincoln, Charlie
Will Nora be a 4-H'er? I was...went to the state fair in "Fashion Review", also entered the county fair one year with an entomology project!!!!

In the swine barn with Ashley, Jenn, Nora, Laney, & Landrey

We went to my parents' house this weekend and ventured to the Lac qui Parle County Fair. The county fair is much more manageable than the state fair! We went and saw the 4-H building....Matt now knows that the 4 H's are Head, Heart, Hands, & Health. We had hobo tacos which is a taco on this amazing flatbread. Matt ate corndogs and a milkshake.....pretty much our diets went out the window! We got to hang out with all the cousins and had a really good time. The weather was beautiful, finally after 3 days of rain.

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