Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jackson's Tubes

We decided to give Jackson tubes.  He has gotten so many ear infections and his ears weren't healing between infections.  The doctor said his ears looked horrible when he put them in.  Hopefully now he will start talking - I know he is a boy which delays speech normally, but we think that maybe there has always been fluid in his ears so he hasn't heard very well which has delayed his speech.  We'll see if he stays healthy now.  He was NOT the best post surgery patient.  We had to wait in the recovery room for about an hour because he would not calm down or drink/eat anything.   We tried milk, water, juice but nothing made him happy.  He just screamed for a good hour.  Poor Boy!  His ears must've been really bad because at his 2 week post surgery check the doctor had to suction out MORE fluid and puss from both ears.  Now he is doing better and I think hearing more things.
Jackson BEFORE surgery
Jackson AFTER surgery

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