Friday, March 23, 2012

Meeting Baby Harper

Mommy and Jackson and Nora by Green Lake

Kirsten and Harper

Amy and Nora

Kirsten checking on the smoker

Nora finds crazy things to entertain herself in the car.  Here she drew all over her lips with a dry erase crayon.  She is fascinated with lipstick lately and I guess this is her way of showing me!

Nora and Jackson on a swing at the park

Papa and Grandma came to meet Harper and see the kids.  Here's Jackson and Papa Lee

Mommy and her kids and Kirsten and Harper

Add the grandmas

We finally got to meet my high school friends' baby, Harper, this week.  She is so cute and Nora loves saying 'baby harper'.  Harper looks like her daddy, Ross.  It is so fun to see my friend as a mommy.  We had a blast meeting Baby Harper and cannot wait to see her grow up.  Nora and Jackson and her will be best friends.

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