Friday, May 18, 2012

Visiting Great Grandma Nora & Surprise Visit from Uncle Tanner

Nora and Jackson at the care center - playing on the floor

wrestling at the care center

Tanner and Jackson

JT riding bike

my siblings, Brandon, me, Tanner and Jenny with my grandma Nora

My mom and grandma Nora

My mom and her littlest granddaughters, Nora and Landrey

Brother Tanner and I

Jake, Tanner and Scotty - Tanners high school friends

the grandkids

My grandma Nora isn't doing well and we drove out to the farm to see her and see the family.  We visited my grandma at the care center and then had a surprise visit from my brother Tanner who has been living in Florida since September.  Everyone was excited to see Tanner and see grandma Nora.  

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