Sunday, September 11, 2011

Grandma Nora's 90th Birthday

We celebrated my Grandma Nora's 90th birthday.  We had a family party at my parents house.
I know I have mentioned before but I think it is pretty cool that Jackson is 0, I am turning 30, my dad is 60 and my grandma is 90.  She was excited to see the family and enjoyed being out and about for the day.
Grandma Nora and Matt

My mom, Deb and my aunt Ginny

Grandma Nora and my aunt Connie

What a beautiful picture of my grandma!!

Grandma Nora and Aunt Ginny

Nora and Daddy

Grandma Nora, me and baby Nora

Landrey and Nora

Nora and Landrey playing piano

Tarryn and Jackson

Nora loves the piano (we only have a small fisher price one) so here she is playing with uncle Brandon

Nora and Brittany, Tanner's girlfriend
Grandma Nora with Landrey, Jenny and Tanner

Daddy and Nora thinking she is a big girl drinking out of a big girl cup

Grandma Nora and her girls (Connie, Deb, Ginny & Nancy)

Grandma Nora and Jenny's family

Deb and Nora

Great GRandma Arlene and Nora and Jackson

Mom, Nora and Grandma Nora

Grandma Nora and me

Grandma Nora kissing can't see that every time Grandma would kiss him.....he would giggle up a storm!

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