Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lac qui Parle County Fair

We went to my hometown county fair and Nora enjoyed all the OPEN space.  We walked around and saw all the animals, exotic animals, craft projects and FOOD.  They seriously have the BEST hobo taco I've ever eaten.  When I was younger I couldn't wait until the county fair to have a hobo taco.  Last year my hobo taco fell on the ground when I was trying to help Nora so this year, I made sure we were AT a table and there was no chance of my beloved hobo taco falling on the ground.  All ended up in my belly-not that I needed ALL that hobo taco in my belly, but oh well! County fair rocked and we didn't pay an arm and a leg for it!

Nora enjoying the OPEN space...didn't even care if we were near her or not!

Daddy and Nora

Waiting in line for the merry go round.

Nora was ok with the merry go round when it WASN"T MOVING

Nora getting scared of the ride

Still ok...but getting scared

Nora talking about the ducks

Daddy, Nora and J

Mommy and Nora sharing the BEST malts ever.  Thanks dairy producers :)

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