Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dad's Away so Mom and the kids will play and go visit Papas farm

Charlie and JT entertaining Jackson

Papa giving Jackson a tractor ride.  Jackson loves tractors, but does NOT like the loud noise.
what I love about the farm, just letting the little ones go....NO need to hold a hand!!

Kate holding Orangey

Charlie driving the kid tractor

Jackson loving the gator

Why is this thing not working!


Charlie and Jackson

Me and my mom

flowers from my grandmas garden

Another tractor

Nora and J

Pajama time

butt to butt, who's taller?

Sullivan trying to pull all the kids

Making rock piles out on the sidewalk
Matt was out of town for work so I went to the farm and visited my parents and then I helped my sister with daycare since her daycare was closed for Monday!  I love going to the farm, it means letting my kids ROAM and yes I will say it, NOT watching their every move.  I love that they can go out to the shed and find the kitties or they can go outside and see Lucy the puppy!  They love being their and there is WAY less tantrums and rage when we are out at the farm enjoying the fresh air.  I also love that small churches find ways to raise money by things like 'a corn feed'.  We were able to go to a corn feed that had AWESOME local sweet corn and great food.  My parents were watching the Ulstad children so Nora and Jackson got to hang out with their cousins at the farm and then the Gravens in Marshall.  It was a fun trip and it was nice to have some help while Matt was gone. 

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