Thursday, August 16, 2012

Touch a Truck 2012....with papa steve

We have an event at our local community center called "Touch a Truck"  The kids LOVED it last year and they were pleased again this year.  Papa Steve came and helped me with the kids since Matt was out of town.  Nora was SO excited to see her Papa.  The kids got free hot dogs, ice cream, popcorn, treats-it was a great time for all. 

Jackson in back of cop car--what did he do?

"I swear mom, I didn't do it!!!"   (Nora in same cop car LAST YEAR!)

The kids THIS year (2012) with Papa Steve
The kids and Matt LAST YEAR (2011)

Old School transit bus that Nora was in last year much smaller  - Still likes taking pictures with her LOOKING DOWN!

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