Sunday, July 11, 2010

An End to an Era.....

So with being sick and dehydrated for a week I wasn't able to nurse Nora. And since it was for almost a week, it kind of dried everything up.....I know TMI perhaps for you men! I know that sometimes I was jealous of those babies that got formula---others could feed them, the momma's got to have a few drinks, they had a bit more freedom...AND NOW that it is over, I am sad and wish I wouldn't have taken it for granted. Feeding her was 'our special quiet time'. I went to our whole foods store to buy some 'mothers tonic' and have been trying some 'mothers milk tea' to see if I can increase some supply....but she still won't feed off me. It was a week and she got used to her bottles which is easier, so bottles(instead of boobs) it is. Formula is EXPENSIVE, so I am still trying to pump so we can have 1-2 bottles of milk and 2 bottles of formula a day. Even just doing that can save a bit of money on formula. She will only have formula for another 4 months as when you turn 1, I believe you can have 'real milk'. I guess I am just sad that the end to breastfeeding had to come at such a bad end, instead of us 'choosing' to end it. If you know me at know I am a control freak, so not being able to control this decision is a bit hard for me to take. She is doing well with the transition so I am very blessed for that.

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