Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Swimming Lessons, Part 2.....

So my daughter was 'the girl' who threw up in the pool today....yep! Pretty sweet! I have let Matt and Nora be in the pool and Matt kept asking me "are you going to come in today with us" so today, I went in the pool with them. Bad decision, of course I am the one who is holding her when she drinks the pool water and CHOKES on it.....and then a minute later decides to projectile spit up milky residue! THIS IS WHY I STAY AWAY FROM WATER.....nothing good happens when I am in the water. Matt and Nora will now be taking the class alone, I will be happy on the sidelines! Everyone wins with mommy on the pool deck.
Where I should stay, ON THE DECK-out of the water!!!!

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