Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nora's Baptism

Nora was baptized this weekend. The church we go to in the cities does not do baby baptisms, they do dedications. Matt and I really wanted to baptize Nora since we both were baptized when we were little. We decided to have the baptism at my parent's church in Dawson, MN. We had a lunch at the church afterwards with wonderful food. The service was so special with the church having a new pastor and Nora being old enough to know what is going on. My brother, Brandon also sang a beautiful song called "come to Jesus" at the service. He did such a great job and it meant alot to have him sing. Nora also is old enough to know what is going on.....the pastor was talking about baptism and following God and Nora just looked at him observing and 'taking it all in' It was so sweet! We feel so blessed to have our little baby girl and I am so glad that she got baptized this weekend. We had a bunch of family that was able to make--even my grandma Nora came to share in her great granddaughter's special day(Thanks to Connie & Randy for coming and bringing her). It was special to have Nora's namesake be there for her! Baby Nora also wore my grandpa, Leonards (my grandma Nora's husband) baptismal gown which is 96 years old. It was a very special and memorable day!

Kirsten and Nora
Kirsten, Nora and me
Grandma Nora and Baby Nora
Nora in her Baptism Gown

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