Saturday, August 21, 2010


My mom/dad watched Nora while I had volleyball practice and for the wedding we had last night. She hung out with all 7 our our nieces and nephews and then also got to hang out with my cousins' baby Laney. Laney loves to lay on the floor and kick her legs like a propeller-it is hilarious to watch. Nora is not quite sure about all the commotion when she gets together with her cousins, she was a bit needy and wanted to be held. Her cousins just love her so much and want to touch her, kiss her, love her and she is used to being ALONE. Hopefully she will get better with them all so they don't feel so sad when she 'disses' them. I forgot to take photos, sorry, so here are just a few!

Nora and Laney

Nora(8 mo) and Landrey(11 mo) taking a bath

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