Friday, August 20, 2010

Lucas and Jessie's Wedding

My college friend Lucas got married this weekend. His fiance, Jessi, is such a great person and they are perfect together. I made Jessi's veil and then altered her dress and bustled her train. She was a stunning bride, and Lucas was handsome as well. It was a fun wedding and it was great to see a bunch of college friends.

Me, Emily, Sarah

Emily, Lucas-THE GROOM, me

Emily and I

I didn't post any of the sweet pictures of me dancing...yes I DANCED!!!! They had dueling pianos and they were awesome. They really played well off each other and played GREAT songs to dance to, and if people went of the dance floor they were quick to change the song to something upbeat and fun to dance to. I don't know how much they paid for the 'dueling pianos' but it was so WORTH IT. A lot of people stayed until the end and danced the night away.
Such a fun night.....I didn't even miss Nora, OK WAIT OF COURSE I DID!!!!

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