Monday, August 16, 2010

Volleyball Starting, Nora 1st Babysitter

I started volleyball practice today. Did I tell you I am a volleyball coach? I am, for Chaska High School. I had been the 9th grade coach for Edina the last 2 years and then noticed there was an opening for a 9th grade position at Chaska. It is about 2 miles away from our house versus 25 miles to Edina. I was so excited to get the job, but at the same time SUPER intimidated since Chaska is known for their tradition of excellence in VOLLEYBALL!

Practice/Tryouts started on Monday and will go until the middle of October, a very short season. With it being a short season, Matt was able to figure out a way to work from home 1 day a week to watch Nora while I am at practice. Matt's mom, Anne, is also watching Nora 1 day a week and then I found some great babysitters to watch her for the other 3 afternoons while I am at practice. The girls go to Holy Family, a private school in Victoria. The 3 babysitters are all sisters and are so great with Nora. They even clean and put away dishes and pick up after themselves....I know alot of OLDER people who don't do that, so I am so super excited to have them watch Nora.

I feel so lucky to have met the babysitters, to have Matt be able to work from home and to have Matt's mom watch Nora so I am able to keep coaching and doing something I love to volleyball!!!

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