Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nora at Volleyball Practice!!!!

Our babysitter did not show up today so I ended up having to bring Nora to practice. She was VERY overwhelmed by all 23 girls!!! It took her a while to warm up and even then she was luke warm. I couldn't set her down without her getting scared, which is interesting becuase I haven't seen that 'stranger danger' side of her before. Nora finally did let me put her down and OF COURSE that is when a girl spiked the ball which ricocheted off the net which hit a different girls' leg which then rolled under the net to where she was and hit her and made her tumbled backwards!!! She was not very happy after that so it was good that Matt left work a little bit early to pick her up. I didn't want her to completely take over practice (we had a big game against Chanhassen the next day)

Nora hanging out in the ball court at practice with the girls

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