Saturday, October 9, 2010

Random Photos of Nora....getting so big

Here are some photos of Nora, she is getting so big. Every day is so fun becuase she is learning how to wave hello/goodbye & clap her hands. She loves smiling and giving kisses. She finally got her top tooth....we had been waiting 3 weeks for it to pop through. She still loves her daddy, and I am chopped liver!

Nora loves crawling and her favorite obstacle course is her highchair

I put her hair in a funny little bow....too cute huh?

Nora loves eating....another trait of her daddy's

Nora gets food EVERYWHERE!!! It is in her hair, her shirt, her pants, her diaper, her fingernails, squished onto her tray....EVERYWHERE. Here she has mac & cheese all over her face and hair.

Sleepy time at the dinner table?!

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