Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Weekend

Matt loves Halloween. He loves the scary movies, the ghosts, the spiders, the costumes....but we BOTH love the candy! Matt wanted to go to any Halloween party that would hand out candy to our little VIkings Cheerleader (so we could eat it!!) Nora went to our local Community Center's Halloween Party where she made a Tootsie Roll Pop Dracula and saw Arthur from PBS (& the books!!) She also went trick or treated at her grandparents house where we all stayed for chili and the Vikings Game. Poor Nora was VERY disappointed with how the Vikings played....what are they doing? They have Brett, Randy, Adrian....come on guys!! Get it together! Nora was all tuckered out after chasing the dog and playing with Auntie Katie and Uncle Adam. Grandma and Grandpa's neighbora, Lisa made pumpkin pie and OH WAS IT GOOD!!

Happy year we have to come up with a better more inspiring costume though!
so sad that her Vikings are SO HORRIBLE!!

Making a Dracula with a tootsie pop, red cellophane, and black velvet
Nora at our community center

Nora and Amber posing with Tigger at the community center

Stopped at Qdoba and if a child colored a photo you got a free kids meal!!!
The first time Nora colored!

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