Saturday, December 4, 2010

1st Birthday - Owl Style

Nora and her Godmother, Kirsten

Nora and Anne

Nora in her outfit from Grandma Debbie.....Daddie thinks she kind of looks like a P I M P(He added the hat to give her the full look!)

Nora 'trying' her birthday cupcake

Nora and Aunt Elle with her owl 1st Birthday Cake

Nora's Smiles

Kitchen Crew on 1st Birthday---Courtney manning all the kids!

Nora's 1st Birthday

We did not know if we would have Nora's birthday since we had been all sick. We were feeling better so we decided to go ahead with the party. Nora NEEDED a 1st birthday party.

She had an owl themed birthday "Look WHOO's turning 1". My neighbor Jessica who has a Cricut helped me with the invites. The Cricut is now what I want for Christmas!

Nora's party was full of fun and presents and good food. My mom and Courtney, Charlie, JT, and Kate all came down early to help me get ready which was so nice! Courtney manned the kitchen so I could mix and mingle and watch little miss Nora run around. Our house was chaotic to say the least. There were more than 20 people crammed into our TINY house. She was not really into opening the presents or eating the cake but oh well!

She got a bunch of presents that make LOUD noises and she LOVES them! Thanks everyone!!

She got a toy chest from Grandma and Grandpa Ulstad (we can now HIDE her loud toys...ha ha!) She got a set of keys and a book from her pseudo aunt Anne K and she cannot stop playing with them!! She also took her first 'real steps' at her birthday party. I think Grandpa Steve maybe got it on tape(do you say tape or dvd? well...whatever you are supposed to say these days!!)

She was VERY tired and was out cold until 9:30 the next morning! Wow, she partied like a rockstar!

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