Saturday, December 25, 2010


Christmas WEEKEND:
We celebrated Christmas, Christmas eve morning first and had brunch with the Forslunds. We feel so lucky they live 'right down the road'. Nora loves watching their dog, Polo, run around. It was a good time for everyone to just share some quality time together as a family. Nora again wasn't soo interested in the presents, but she loved the empty boxes! She got some awesome books, an adorable skirt/outfit from Auntie Katie/Uncle Adam, and a doll from Great Grandparents. She is a lucky girl.

We then drove to my parents farm to celebrate Christmas with my family. My parents live on a gravel road so in winter time getting to their unshoveled, unplowed road is a challenge. This time the road was only open from the West so we had to travel a few miles out of the way to get to the farm. The snow covered gravel road was a new experience for Matt and we almost got stuck on the way!! We had 5 oclock church which I drove to since I am used to driving like a madwoman on snowy gravel roads. We ate our annual Christmas steak dinner and opened presents that night. Nora got WAY too much, although she didn't seem to care as she had a fever of 101 all weekend. She needed to be held and didn't sleep very well due to feeling sick. I felt bad for her. I don't know if it was teething or a viral bug but she was not happy and NOT feeling well--which in turn did not make mommy or daddy very rested or happy!!

Christmas Day--Santa came to Grandma and Grandpas house. Grandma Debbie took Nora and Nora finally took a nap in her arms. Her fever broke during that nap....poor grandma got Nora's sweat all over her from it! The kids all played outside and we cooked and played games all day.

The day after Christmas--we drove to Roseville to celebrate with my dad's family. We had wonderful food and took a great family photo OUTSIDE on their deck. Nora was still not feeling well so she was pretty much stuck to my or matt's hip. My cousin Erika did get her to nap again in her lap so that was a nice treat! We had a great time hanging out with the family and just enjoying Christmas.
Nora in her cute skirt from Aunt Katie/Uncle Adam

Grandma Anne

Grandpa Steve

Grandparents and Nora on Christmas Morning

Nora EXHAUSTED after only our FIRST Christmas celebration....she still has 2 left!

Nora(almost 13 months) and Landrey (15 months)
Look at all the hair Nora has compared to Landrey!!!!

All the cousins doing their 'program' - When we were younger, we always needed to read the Christmas story and create a program before we were able to open presents on Christmas. Now the tradition has been transferred to the younger generation!

Nora crawling through the paper....look at her poor eyes, you can tell she doesn't feel well!

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