Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nora is 1!!

Nora is one. Where did the year go?

We had her 12 month check up. She has an ear infection. Poor girl.

But she weighed 21 lbs 10.5 oz which is in the 55%

She was 29.5 inches which is in the 60%

Her head circumference was 43.4cm which is in the 15%

I knew it was coming and the doctor agreed that Nora needed to wean off the bottle. EEK! She loves her bottle, it is her comfort and she falls asleep with it (I know, horrible, but it helps her sleep!) So the next day we started with the whole milk sippy cups. I still give her a bottle at night but no more daytime bottles. She got a set of books from a neighbor for her birthday and one was called "Baby Cookie Monster says Too Big For Bottles" So we read that to her....and she is so smart that she 'gets it!!'

She is walking around, slowing and wobbly, but walking. She is turning into a cuddler which mommy and daddy LOVE! She is starting to point and ask for things. She is REALLY loving having temper tantrums. I am hoping it is just because she cannot communicate what she needs/wants that she feels she needs to throw these rages. Please, Please, Please let these tantrums be temporary!!

Nora is so sweet and it is amazing to think that one year ago, we were driving to Waconia getting ready to deliver her. It has been an amazing journey of a year and we can't believe what we did with our time before little pookie came along! Happy Birthday dear little one!

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