Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mama and Nora Cooking

Nora is LOVING being in the kitchen with me. She has a little step stool that she climbs up on and then loves to bang the spoons or play with her sippy cup dryer rack. I think she loves it because she gets to sneak food PLUS I give her 'tastes' of what I am making. She is really getting a personality and it is fun to hang out with her. I remember when I was young being in the kitchen with my mom and making banana bread (we always had a small loaf that we got to bake just for us!). I hope Nora can come away from our kitchen experiences with the joy and knowledge that I did from my mom/grandma!

Not quite sure what to think

You mean we get to lick the spoon??

She LOVES running around the kitchen with my mixing bowls...I am surprised she hasn't dropped one on her toe!

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