Thursday, March 24, 2011

Trip to the Farm to Help my Brother, See the Great Grandma and Celebrate a 1st Birthday!!!

Up walking already???

eating prunes...yummy!

My older brother, Brandon, had back surgery and his wife was out of town so I went to help!!! I walked in the door and he was standing up---what didn't you JUST have back surgery----I guess they want patients walking around to help loosen things up. It was fun being at my parents house and LAUGHING with my brother. I was supposed to go there to make him laugh, but he ended up making me laugh so hard I was crying the first night I was there.

My Grandma Nora moved from her assisted living in Fargo to Dawson's care center so we were able to see her as well.

We celebrated Laney's 1st birthday as well so it was a fun filled weekend.

My mom took home Charlie and Lincoln from the birthday party...Nora wanted to play 'army guys' with them. They did not want her knocking down their nice rows of guys!
Nora also hung out with Wally the cat (Matt's cat that we gave away to my parents to save our marriage!)

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