Friday, March 4, 2011

15 Months Old

am I cute????

playing the drums with my LeeAnn Chin's chopsticks.

Nora is now 15 months old. This means we had another check up and she got more shots!

Height: 30-1/2" 50%
Weight: 22 lbs 7.5 oz 45%
Head Circumference: 45.3cm 35%

We had her appointment and I said she had been a bit fussy lately and yes of course she had another ear infection. She screamed and cried when the doctor even got CLOSE to her ear. She has been on an antibiotic since December so it just seems crazy that she has another ear infection. Hopefully she will feel better soon.

She has FINALLY figured out how to go down the steps. Now she wants to go down the stairs all the time. It is amazing how independent she can be, when she wants to be.

Last month, I said she was turning into a mamas girl...well now she is a definite mama's girl. She is having a bit of separation anxiety when I leave the room, even when she is with Matt. She loves running to my legs and whining to come up. I am working with her to say 'up, please' but as of yet, she wants nothing to do with it. She would rather whine and cry to get her way. I am hoping soon she will want to talk and start using her words more so we all can understand each other. She has started using the sign language for 'more' and uses it for food. I don't think she quite understands what it means, but she laughs when she does it and gets more food! I keep telling Matt one day it is all going to 'click' for her and we will be amazed.

She is still cautious about most things. She LOVES puppies, especially Grandma and Grandpa Forslunds white puppy Polo! She loves fruit and ice cream. She loves reading books. She likes taking my hand and making me point or touch buttons for her. She is running around and is quite balanced when she walks. When she crawls you can tell she does it to be funny and get us to laugh or giggle at her. She loves jewelry--I have a bunch of plastic necklaces and some chunky bead necklaces and she loves to carry them around the house and put them around her neck and my neck. She also LOVES babies and 'worries' and tries to help them when they cry. We are hoping this is a great thing since baby boy will be here soon. She doesn't quite get that my belly is getting bigger and that kicking it or climbing over it does not feel good for mommy! She will be a great big sister--can't wait to see her with Baby Boy F.

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