Sunday, April 24, 2011


All this for ME?

A chocolate bunny and cars....I love this Easter Bunny guy!

In my pretty Easter dress

Easter Church made me SLEEPY!

Easter Egg hunt....How did the Easter Bunny know I liked Cheerios and Fruit Snacks?

Love this photo----Katie and Nora

Grandpa and Nora

Nora showing off in the shadows on the steps

Drooly McGee

We were with the Forslunds for Easter this year. We went to church at the Chanhassen High School which was through Westwood. (Matt will want me to write that Kim Kardashian was at the ACTUAL Westwood building as she is dating Kris Humphreys whose parents go to Westwood)....anyway back to the REAL reason of Easter!!! Church was great, I love Easter time and just reflecting on everything that we are blessed with and given to unconditionally! It is a very reflective time in my year.

Nora was visited by the Easter bunny not only at home but at Grandma and Grandpa's house...lucky girl! There also was an egg hunt

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