Saturday, April 30, 2011

37 weeks and ANXIOUS!!!!

Nora loves POKING my belly button...not a very good picture of her but this is as close as we could get w/ her & my belly ---the joys of an active toddler!

a brick.....HOUSE!

So I am 37 weeks pregnant and 2 weeks ago at dr. appt was a 3cm, then last week I was 4 cm...yep this week a 5 cm! When is this baby boy going to come and show his face? I just want to meet him! I have all this anxiety about delivery and not getting to the hospital on time (matt works 45 minutes away) I have a plan B, plan C, and a plan D if he can't make it here to bring me. Doctor says it can't be much longer....but I feel like I am walking on pins and needles and afraid to go to the store---what do you do if your water breaks in Target or the Rainbow? Clean it up and then pay for your cart? Just walk out? Tell someone to clean it up? ugh....this is why I am stressing out! My sister & mom came and had dinner with us Friday and they helped put together the room. The crib is up, some clothes have been washed, all we need is a baby now! Please pray that everything goes well/smoothly and THAT WE MAKE IT TO THE HOSPITAL!!! Nora came so quickly for being our 1st baby so maybe I am working myself up too much!


  1. I can be your plan E! I hope your water doesn't break at Target! My friend's broke at McDonalds! Whatever happens it will be a great story!!