Saturday, July 23, 2011

Papa Lee's 60th & Great Aunt Lauries 50th Bday Bash

We went out on Friday to my parents farm to celebrate my dad's 60th and my aunts 50th birthday.  It was a lot of fun to see family and friends.  Nora always get scared around ALL her cousins so she was a bit of a handful all weekend but Jackson gave smiles to everyone.
Charlie got a bb gun and him and his grandpa mike shot at cans out at the farm.

Miss Kate in the Barbie car

Jackson, Matt and Grandma Nora

Grandma Nora, Matt, Jackson and Me

Nice face Kyle!

I love this photo of these 2.  Kyle tries SO SO SO hard to get Nora to smile all the time....she is opposite of Jackson and it takes her something extraordinary to get her to smile.

Ashley and Laney

Kathy and Jackson

Derek and Matt

Brianna, Courtney, Jenn and Derek

Bob and Jackson

Me and Derek trying to open some tequila to toast my dad and Derek's dad, Bob

Derek and I both turning 30, Bob and Dad both turning 60


Friends....30 years of friendship!

Jackson and Jenn

Ready for Church

Riding the tire swing

I love how this photo shows how much space there is to RUN at the farm

Great Grandma and Nora

Papa Lee, Grandma Deb, Jackson and Nora

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