Friday, August 5, 2011

Mommy's Spa Day

Every year 'santa' brings the ladies of the Ulstad gang certificates for a spa day.  Well with a little one and another bigger 'little one'...I didn't know what I was going to do with my kiddos to get to spa day (Matt decided to take a trip to the wonderful outdoors of the Boundary Waters with some neighbors this weekend)  My dear friend Kirsten agreed to watch the kids, I had just found out she was pregnant, so I didn't want her to watch my kids and be scared of what she was getting in to.  She said she would love to do it though so I drove out to her and Ross' house in Spicer the night before.  Kirsten and I played volleyball Thursday night (man am I out of shape...always a step behind every block and hit!) and Ross watched the kids-well Jackson, Nora was asleep.
Then Friday I drove to Granite Falls and my family and I had a very relaxing time getting massages, pedicures and enjoying each others company!
Kirsten and Jackson
Amy came and visited, it was fun to catch up!

Ross and Jackson--Jackson LOVED cuddling with Ross

Kirsten and Ross, Nora and Jackson

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