Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas has hit the Forslund House

Christmas is now 'up' at the Forslund house.  We have a hand-me-down tree from my parents and it is HUGE so with 2 kids under 2 and all their STUFF and a house that isn't BIG, we decided to put up our tiny 3 foot tree instead.  Nora enjoyed helping mommy put the ornaments on the tree, and then enjoyed taking them all off the tree.  I ended up having to tie a ribbon from the tree to the bookshelf to keep the tree from falling over because she was always pulling at it  She liked looking and touching the lights.  I can't wait to have more space to decorate more for all the holidays.
am I supposed to be happy standing next to the tree?

Putting up ornaments

Mommy and Nora

What-Christmas?  Just give me food!


Bad picture but Nora is playing with the LIttle People Nativity set and then my Willow Tree nativity set is above!

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