Saturday, June 26, 2010

Brainerd with the Bergs

We are going on vacation with Matt's family from Sunday to Wednesday and thought we would come up a bit earlier and visit my college friends Sarah and Tom who have a little 18 month old Odin. We had so much fun catching up with them. We went for a walk, went for lunch on the lake, Sarah and I even went to a crazy horrible flea market!!! Sarah has an amazing camera and took some awesome photos of Nora and Odin. They both are blonde bombshells! They have good genetics :) Overall we didn't do much, relaxed, caught up with each others lives, watched the Twins, slept....well maybe the Bergs slept--Nora did not want to let her mommy and daddy sleep!
Nora at the Lake

Odin and Nora ready for our walk

Nora 6.5 Months & Odin 17.5 months
Awww.....Odin Kissing Nora

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