Friday, June 11, 2010

Spa Day with the Ladies

Each year the Ulstad Ladies are pleasantly surprised with Santa brings them a spa certificate for a local is so not expected, but man it is needed by about June time to relax and pretty up our toes that haven't seen the sun in so LONG! We went to Nirvana spa and salon for the day. We were pampered, we relaxed, we ate food, we enjoyed each others was such a nice day, and probably the LONGEST I have been away from Nora ever. I asked if my brother, Brandon, would watch Nora along with his 3 kids on this Friday. He said YES! What was he getting himself into?! I didn't know.....but it did creep into my mind a few times during the day, that I hope he was doing ok and that she wasn't driving him bonkers! We called him after our spa treatments were done and said we were thinking about going out for drinks and appetizers and then heading to the casino to gamble for an hour or so...He said "go have fun" so that is what we did.

at the casino....Jenn and I went to the smoke free are of the casino (yeah I guess they have them!) I put in 5 bucks in a penny slot machine and won 10 on the 5th hit!!! I then cashed out because all the people who were coming in to see the Oak Ridge Boys were crowding the seats!!!! Who knew the 'Good Ol Boys' still had TONS of fans!!
Jenn did not gamble, I think Laurie and my mom lost and OF course Lucky Courtney Won like 60 bucks!!!!

I stayed with Brandon and Courtney so that Nora would have some time with Brandon with me there before I left for spa day and here they all are the morning after spa day! Looking lovey!

Our special Godson JT!!! He is wearing his sunglasses and swim goggles on his face...funny guy!

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