Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grand View Lodge with the Forslund's

Nora ENJOYING vacation!!!!
Oh My goodness.....what a Blessed week.
We couldn't have asked for better weather and it was truly relaxing.

Nora was absolutely perfect. She had never been in her 8 swimsuits (yes you read that correctly....she has more swimsuits that I have had in the last 10 years!-they were all hand-me-downs but 1), she had never been in water, never sat on GRASS....we didn't know what to expect traveling with an almost 7 month old.

Nora's pack n play got set up, and we unpacked all her food and necessities. I think Matt's parents and siblings were looking at us like "wow"! I wanted to be sure I had anything and everything that I might need.

First morning we brought Nora to eat breakfast with us up at the main lodge....didn't think to bring food for HER! whoops, good thing they had a banana and cheerios that she ended up loving by the end of the trip. She is funny when she eats cheerios...she makes a face like she doesn't like it but then keeps opening up her mouth asking for more cheerios.

Matt got in some golfing and I got in 2 holes of golf! Anne & I walked down to the golf course and we met them at the course as they were finishing up so Steve had me play the last 2 holes for him. I did horribly but it was FUN to swing the clubs.....if only we had the disposable income to play and get GOOD!
Nora playing with some golf balls on hole # 9

Mommy and Nora....Nora loves the flag

Anne & Steve took Nora for an afternoon so Matt and I could have some couple time which was SO thoughtful. We hung out by the pool....Matt and I read our books while drinking pina coladas---oh the memories of our honeymoon!

Nora got in her first boat ride, which she fell asleep. She loved the pool. It took a bit to get used to. We first tried the lake, NO WAY. Then tried putting her in the pool, NO WAY. Then we fed her, got her on a full belly and tried again. We tried the warm pool, which is not as Hot at the HOT TUB, and she liked that. She actually made friends with this sweet 5 year old girl who was all excited that they both had pink swimsuits. Then we tried the cool pool again and she was OK with it. Matt tried laying her down and they splashed and every day she liked it more and more. Matt and she are taking swimming lessons in July so hopefully she enjoys the water then too. It was fun to see Matt and Nora loving the water. I hope that is something they can enjoy together in the future. He is the water lover in the family. I love boating.....I love sitting BY water....I just don't like going in unless there is a purpose. He loves wading in water and reading in a chair IN the water. Hopefully they can bond over this when she gets older!

One day Nora was SO tired but would not fall asleep in her pack n play, No one else wants to hear someone elses baby cry so I got her out and put her in the inflatable toy and she fell asleep in 5 minutes. Sun in eyes, Anne & I sitting right there, she was Pooped out!
Nora hanging out in her floaty boat (which we only used on the deck!!!!)

AJ & Elle, Matt's siblings, turned 16 while we were at the cabin. Pretty exciting. They had each brought a friend along so we all went out for a nice dinner at Sherwood Forrest. There weren't any 'Merri-men' singing which made Matt sad.

Honestly, we had such a nice, relaxing family time. It was fun to see Nora hang out with her grandparents. It was fun to see her be all sweaty and dirty and smell like the outdoors (we didn't give her a bath the whole time we were there....and normally Matt is bath crazy!) It was fun to read a book in the sun! It was fun to wear a swimsuit (did I just write that......ugh I am crazy~!) It was fun to not be in charge of supper. It was fun to vacation!!

On the Beach

Ready for her first boat ride

On the beach in her sun dome

Grandpa Steve and Nora on the beach

On the Beach

Nora and Daddy in the lake

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