Saturday, June 19, 2010

First Father's the Pizza Ranch!

Matt had his first fathers day! We celebrated by going to the Pizza Ranch. Matt loves Pizza, Loves 'all you can eat' food, why not put them TOGETHER and man was I excited when I just found out that Waconia has a Pizza Ranch! Matt will love it so I was excited to share 'the Ranch' with him YET scared at the same time as....if you remember back in March when Matt tried to "exchange" our baby for free lunch buffet at the Cleveland Wok!!!!

After eating only a few pizza slices (I was not impressed by his input for the price we paid, but I did not mention this at the time as it WAS Father's Day!), we and walked around by Lake Waconia, then we came home hung out outside in the sun, and ended our day with Mint Oreo Blizzards from DQ! Pretty good day for Father's Day....although I am not the father in this couple. SO I am HOPING Matt enjoyed his day!
Matt and Nora at Pizza ranch

Sweet Delivery Mobile

In front of Lake Waconia at Lola's

Nora being a big girl sitting up

Daddy and Nora outside

At DQ, enjoying our ice cream

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