Monday, November 1, 2010

Poor Nora!!!!!

I brought Nora into the clinic about 3 weeks ago because her eye was gooping and she was pulling at her ears. The doctor said "nothing wrong" she is probably just teething and likes pulling her ears and quote "she is on the mend"! forward 3 weeks and she has had a cough, running nose, goopy eye, and has been pulling her ears everyday since then. I was trying to NOT be that parent who brings her kid into the clinic all the time, but after 3 weeks of coughing all night and uncrusting her poor eyes in the morning I brought her in. She has an ear infection, Poor Nora! Now she is on some medicine which is making her feel better, but sure gives her some dirty diapers!!! She now is NOT coughing, does NOT have a goopy eye, does not have a runny nose and only pulls at her ears when she puts food in her hair/ears!

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