Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nora 11 Months Old!

Nora is 11 months old and she is getting so big. She is almost walking and has turned into quite the 'Chatty Kathy." She is quite the drama queen....she doesn't get that from me so it must be another trait that is from her father's side!! She LOVES getting her way and will let you know when she is angry because she is NOT getting her way (she has this horrible whine that is added to this scrunched up angry is hard to not laugh at her!)

She loves:

Crawling on her toes with her butt in the air like a monkey

Walking around the coffee table

Crawling over daddy's legs

Eating all kinds of foods

Her Bottle

Saying Dada

Smashing her food to smithereens (she takes crackers and just smashes them in her hands and giggles!!)

New tricks she has mastered (OK well not quite mastered) but can do when she is in the right MOOD:

"how big is Nora?"..... raising her hands for "So Big!"


High Fiving

Playing Peek-a-Boo

Climbing the stairs

She Does NOT Like:

Being told NO

When mommy or daddy are out of her sight

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