Monday, November 29, 2010

Nora, Mommy and Daddy ALL sick

Daycare had a flu bug go through and Matt's cousin was under the weather at Thanksgiving so it was inevitable that one of us would get it. Well---Nora got it FIRST! Saturday morning she was hanging out downstairs with Matt and I, and then the puke came! It is so sad to watch your little girl being so confused and panicked about what was going on. She did not quite comprehend why she was sick and what was coming out of her! It was so sad. Then after throwing up she would feel better, want to play, want to cuddle, and then would get sick again. It was quick though, only Saturday was ruined by Nora being sick.

Then Sunday came......

I got sick, very very sick. I know that the ONE time I am a drama queen is when I have the flu but I am telling you. It was horrible.

Then Monday came.....

We found water in our basement, I am still pukingg and Nora was trying to help me feel better by rubbing my back while I was in the bathroom and Matt was trying to figure out the water situation. I then had to go outside in the snow to help fix our sump pump and fix a hole. Oh what a night!!!!

Then Late Monday Night came.....

Matt got sick, I am still sick and Nora needs US! Wow, I will pray and pray and pray everynight that we do not have to go through this week again. It is VERY tough having both parents sick with an infant who just wants to be loved!

Saturday we were finally all feeling better. Matt and Nora had quick flu bugs, I had the week long flu bug. I am just so glad the week is done and we are on the mend!

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