Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Make Your Own Baby Food

sweet potatoes, corn, and peas
Honestly....I would recommend making your own baby food.  Some may say "I don't have any time", "It takes too much work" but really it doesn't.  I loved making it for Nora and now am making it for Jackson.  All you have to do is cook the veggies/fruit and then puree it.  I got a small food processor and just make one veggie and blend away while another veggie is cooking.  I put them all into dollar store ice cube trays until they are frozen and then popped them into freezer bags in the freezer.  All I have to do now is pull out a few cubes at a time and heat them up in microwave.  Look how pretty the 'real food' looks.  When you buy baby food, it is so processed it doesn't have these VIBRANT colors.  So easy..honestly!

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